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The Djinn, a mysterious action adventure series, actually predates his appearance in Coyote, first appearing in a 15-page story, in what would turn out to be the only issue of Fantasy Illustrated #1, a fantastic, high quality black & white magazine published by New Media Publishing. Incredible Steve (Avengers) Englehart writes, fantastuc Steve Ditko pencils and Steve (Star Wars) Leialoha complementary inks. You've heard of the Three Tenors, here are the Three Steves.
Panels from Coyote #7

The story opens with Anthony Coyne bringing Ali Pasha to Cairo. We later find out Pasha is returning to Cairo to kill the Djinn, leader of a Cult of Hashishin, and allows himself to be captured. Coyne ends up embroiled in all this intrigue as well, and he and Pasha wind up in an elaborate death trap which they manage to escape by working together and then plan to work together against the Djinn and his secret society.

A The Djinn page from the black & white magazine, Fantasy Illustrated #1
Fantasy Illustrated #1
Editorial includes background on Fantasy Illustrated's beginnings and information on the strips and creators, including the development of Englehart and Ditko's The Djinn.
"The Djinn"
Reprinted in Coyote #7.
Also includes stories by Don (Sabre, Black Panther) McGregor & Tom (Starlord) Sutton, P. Craig (Killraven) Russell, Mark (Herculoids) Evanier & Mike (Justice League of America) Sekowsky, with a gorgeous cover by P. Craig Russell.

Coyote #3
"How Coyote Chased His Tail"
Enter the Djinn, Master of Silent Death.
Great Jackson "Butch" Guice cover & pencils with Bob Wiacek inks.

A favorite cover of mine by the talented Chas Truog!

Coyote #7 - #10
Introduction to the Djinn strip, in Coyote #7, includes art by Ditko/Wiacek. An alternate version appeared in Marvel/Epic house ads and possibly fanzines to promote the series.Ali Pasha, believing he's killed Tony Coyne, names himself the new Djinn and takes over the Hashishin. Tony kills Ali and is attacked by Sharaia and the original Djinn. Tony defeats Sharaia and kills the Djinn. He decides to take his mantle and declares war on the FBI.
Nice cover by Chas Truog.  

Panels from Coyote #7

Kind of an odd story, Englehart shows some imaginative stuff. Ditko does a great job on a lot of the settings and action scenes, and Leialoha is probably one of the best inkers Ditko ever had, so it's really nice to look at.
Terrific Jim Starlin cover for Adventure Illustrated #1

Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko The Mocker collected edition!
The magazine, Fantasy Illustrated, also has an advertisement for another magazine by the publisher, Adventure Illustrated, which shows off Ditko's Mocker character. However, that story would end up being published by Pacific Comics, the next year.

Coyote #7 The Djinn splash page
Coyote #8 The Djinn splash page
Coyote #9 The Djinn splash page
Coyote #10 The Djinn splash page
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Collected Coyote editions containing The Djinn stories!

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