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Dell Comics' Mission: Impossible featured 4 original issues written by legendary Paul S. Newman & Joe Gill with all issues drawn by Jack (Secret Six) Sparling. Issue #5 was a reprint of issue #1

The Mission: Impossible team was a super-secret group of agents sent out to tackle dangerously “impossible” missions behind enemy lines. Their success depends on the specialized skills of each team member, who are acrobats, weapons experts, masters of disguise & martial arts.

The original stories in the Mission: Impossible comic book stick closely to the formula of the television show.

Mission: Impossible #1  The Deadliest Game in the World is...Espionage! Played Against Impossible Odds and No Rules! The stories, "Target in the Sea" & "Deadly Defector" feature the cast from season one. Dan Briggs leads the team of Cinnamon Carter, Barney Collier & Willy Armitage (Barney and Willy were the only characters to star in the entire run of the Mission: Impossible television series.) 


Mission: Impossible #2 (great cover!) The Deadliest Mission of All! Climb an Evil Mountain! "The Lethal List" & "The Invaders." are the stories presented.  

Mission: Impossible #3  Crash a Mighty Fortress...The Day Failure Meant Success! In "Security Check", the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) is assigned the task of checking a missile base complex's security  & in "The Witness", the IMF tries to get into the Brugmania prison and rescue some Americans.
Mission: Impossible #4  A Stolen Airliner! To Defeat a Dictator! "Race for Life" & "Perfect Plot" brings in writer Joe Gill. The cast is updated to include the familiar Jim Phelps (taking over from Dan Briggs) & Roland Hand. Unfortunately, even though Jim Phelps is shown on the cover and the artwork, he is still referred to as former leader Dan Briggs. 

Mission: Impossible #5 is a reprint of #1 reflecting a new cover price. 

The one-shot Marvel Comics' Mission: Impossible was to serve as a prequel to the Tom Cruise movie.  

Written by Walter (Telefon) Wager!

I would highly recommend the paperback book series & two Whitman hardback novels.  

Written by Talmage Powell

Although a short lived comic book series, it was done to the spirit of the classic television series. I still remember the show's introductory scene was done predominately in black and white as televisions were still in transition to color at the time. 

Terrific Lalo (Enter the Dragon, Mannix) Schifrin Soundtrack!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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