Thursday, September 11, 2014


I recently stumbled upon a comic book sparking a remembrance of days gone by!

From 1967, Lightning Comics' Super Green Beret! Both giant sized issues were written by Sci-Fi author Otto (Adam Link-Robot, Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder, who co-created Supergirl & Mighty Samson and artwork by Carl (Sub-Mariner, Tom Mix) Pfeufer.

Billed as: Action like no action ever before! 5 big stories! The curtain rises on a new war hero! Not a tough veteran enlistee! No, it's a teenage boy too young to enlist, who creates amazing legends as a super-soldier by means of fantastic super powers!

  All this for a quarter!

Super Green Beret #1 presented the adventures of Tod Holton, aka the Super Green Beret. Young Tod gains amazing super-powers when he puts on a magic green beret given to him by a mysterious monk.

From Super Green Beret #1
From Super Green Beret #1
From Super Green Beret #1

This was so weird, I remembered reading this comic before, although the cover didn't ring a bell. Wow, it was freaky going through comic book deja vu. 

From Super Green Beret #2
From Super Green Beret #2
From Super Green Beret #2
Magic, sounds like Shazam. Simplistic, like Shazam. I would have thought this was Captain Marvel in a sense. It's fun, whimsical, you need to suspend reality and go with it. Like I did when I first read it.

I enjoyed it. I hope you do too. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!


Comic Ad from Super Green Beret, never to be seen since company folded!     
P.S. What do you think this comic may have been like? From C.C. Beck, creator of Captain Marvel!
       Still, too bad we never got a chance to see it.

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