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When I think of one of the finest spy series on TV, I think of I Spy. Timely, purely espionage adventures of the highest caliber. Not only great title characters in Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott, but with a fine supporting cast as well. 

I Spy #1 inside front cover
 Spy fare at its finest!

To the world at large, even to their friends, I Spy's Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott are simply a tennis bum and his trainer. But Kelly and Scotty also travel in a secret world -- a world of intrigue, of suspicion, of deadly peril! 

Pages from I Spy #1

For Kelly and Scotty are secret agents! 

Their base is the turbulent Far East where danger closes in from all sides. At any time they must be ready to lay their lives on the line to keep the Free World free!

Star Trek #38 first full Al McWilliams art!

I Spy was written by the prolific Paul S. Newman with artwork by Al (Star Trek) McWilliams. Mike Roy provided art for the last issue.  

I Spy #1  "The Stolen Secret"  Kelly and Scott Slug it Out With Enemy Agents to Recapture an American Defector!

I Spy #2
I Spy #2  "The Missing Man" & "The Tell-Tale Camera"  Orders to Scott and Kelly: Get Atomic Scientist Before He Sleeps -- and Talks!

I Spy #3

I Spy #3 back cover pin-up!
 I Spy #3  "A Deadly Friend"  Order to Kelly: Kill a Friend! Order to Scott: Pull the Trigger!

I Spy #4

I Spy #4  "Duet for Danger"  Assignment for Scott and Kelly: Crash an Iron Curtain Prison and Smash a Frame-Up!

I Spy #5

I Spy #5  "The Maximum Guerrilla"  Scotty and Kelly Learn About Guerrilla Warfare...From a Terrorist Anxious to Give Them The Final Lessons!

I Spy #6
I Spy #6  "Live Bait"  has Scotty Needing Help Solving a Lethal Chinese puzzle, but a Vital Clue is Missing -- Kelly! 

Cover show on Hermes web site!
Other cover show on various retailers' web sites!

I'm hoping Hermes Press will come out with their planned I Spy hardback edition -- soon! Keeping my fingers crossed, after all, it did take awhile for the release of their Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea hardbacks. 

John (aka Walter Wager) Tiger's I Spy paperback books are not to be taken as anything more than Walter Wager's own ideas about I Spy, which is not a bad thing, he's a fabulous author. 

John Tiger paperback series!
Walter Wager's most famous novel!
Funny show! Sal Trapani art in the comic book!
Mr. Wager was given no materials or scripts ... and created his own versions of Kelly & Scotty. I believe I read that he only saw one show before his first I Spy novel was due. He also had them reporting to a rather mysterious boss, often reached through the back of an office building garage in DC - which included steps that reminded me greatly of Maxwell (Get Smart) Smart's series of tunnels, long hallways, and elevator entrance to get to his intelligence organization's hub.

Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott were much more part of team effort in their adventures, not quite like the lone wolves we are familiar with as portrayed on the TV episodes and given a code name Domino. There were often glaring differences with his versions of "our guys," but on the whole, you could identify with his characters and visualize Kelly and Scotty quite easily in his stories. 

I Spy by Brandon Keith!
Man from U.N.C.L.E. by Brandon Keith!

Whitman put out an I Spy young adult hardback novel written by Brandon Keith. Keith also wrote a Man from U.N.C.L.E. novel for Whitman. Good reading all around!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Three seasons in one complete set!

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