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Gold Key Comics presented two issues of another popular Patrick (The Prisoner) McGoohan television series, Secret Agent (know as Danger Man in the U.K.)

Dell comics did come out with a one-shot comic of Danger Man a few years earlier. Tony Tallarico handled the artistic chores in which John Drake goes undercover as part of a riding act to prevent the murder of a Prime Minister who is attending a circus with his son.

  The Gold Key Secret Agent comic books were written by Dick (Jet Dream, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) Wood & illustrated by Bill (The Phantom, Girl from U.N.C.L.E.) Lignante, Bob (The Rifleman) Jenney & Sal (Superheroes, Wild Wild West) Trapani.

It was all straight up espionage action.

Inside front cover #1!
Loved these features in the Gold Key Comics!
 In Secret Agent #1 - "The Panic Package" - John Drake zeroes in on an atomic treasure hunt -- The Panic Package!

  With Secret Agent #2 - "World Wide Woman Hunt" - a tyrant's daughter forces John Drake to run an errand -- into a Caribbean Death Trap!

Great books worth searching up!
As a series of great pulp action, the Secret Agent original paperback novels helped provide us with new adventures of John Drake. 

Great book on the groundbreaking series!

There was always a debate whether John Drake was The Prisoner, or not. Patrick McGoohan says no, he didn't even originally plan to portray The Prisoner's Number 6 at all! David McDaniel, in the Ace Books The Prisoner #2 novel, used John Drake's name for The Prisoner.

This debate will go on!

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