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Undersea Agent was a great 68 page giant Tower Comics 5 issue series following the exploits of Lt. Davey Jones. Part of a group of scientists who operate out of a secret underwater base, charged with peaceful exploration of the oceans. 


Although there were supposedly a squad of undersea agents, the only ones who seemed to see any action were Lt. Jones, kid sidekick Skooby, and the beautiful Renata Del Mar. 


Jones gained electrical super-powers in Undersea Agent #2 when he was zapped by an electric eel while touching an atomic generator. Several adventures later Jones underwent a process of molecular densification, granting him further powers.

A number of villains wanted to abuse the world beneath the sea, including the perennial villain Dr. Fang, and the obligatory secret organization of would-be world conquerors known as T.H.E.M. (The Host of Evil Motives.)

Handling the writing for Undersea Agent was Gardner (Justice League of America) Fox, Steve (Hawk and the Dove, Sarge Steel) Skeates, Don (Werewolf) Segall.

Artwork for Undersea Agent was in the confident hands of Gil (Green Lantern, His Name is...Savage!) Kane, Mike (Justice League of America) Sekowsky, Sheldon (Batman) Moldoff, John (Fly, NoMan) Giunta, Frank (Magnus) Bolle, Ray (Mandrake, Turok) Bailey.

"Undersea Agent Meets Dr. Fang" in Undersea Agent #1 had a terrific Ray Bailey cover! 

"Return of Dr. Fang" in Undersea Agent #2 & "To Save A King" in Undersea Agent #3 showed off nice Mike Sekowsky covers! 

Unused Gil Kane cover!

"To Save A Monster" in Undersea Agent #4 & "Born Is A Warrior" in Undersea Agent #5 sported dynamic Gil Kane covers!

"Doomsday In The Depths" in Undersea Agent #6, the final issue, displayed a great Wally Wood cover!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Ray Bailey art!

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