Monday, August 4, 2014


The Argentinian born artist, Jose Delbo, published his first works at the age of only 16. Inspired by the American cowboy westerns, Jose moved to the States and began work on classics like Billy the Kid #63, Judge Colt #4 and the Lone Ranger #22. 

At Gold Key, Delbo drew Doctor Solar #27, Buck Rogers Giant Movie Special, Mighty Samson #23, Questar TP, Turok Son of Stone #79, Twilight Zone #16 & Yellow Submarine (yes, the classic adaptation of the Beatles movie.) 

With Dell, Jose illustrated The Rat Patrol #3-#5, Hogan's Heroes #5, The Young Lawyers #1-2 & Mod Squad #1-#8

At Marvel, Delbo drew Transformers #36, Conan the Barbarian #226 & Buck Rogers Giant Movie Edition (both Marvel & Whitman editions.)

For DC, Jose worked on Wonder Woman #222 & Batgirl (Batman Family #4, Detective Comics #488.)

With Valiant, Delbo illustrated Armorines #8 & Shadowman #7.

Jose also works with the students at the Boca Raton Cartoon Camp. It's admirable to see talented people giving back. 

Jose Delbo certainly had a variety of comic books in his portfolio. I'll keep looking for Yellow Submarine to add to my collection, maybe someday. 

Jose has a great website @

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  1. I have a bunch of his Wonder Woman comics solely because of his art as the stories are nothing to write home about.