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To me, Judomaster was Frank McLaughlin's baby (co-created with Joe Gill). Like Sarge Steel, I came into Judomaster late, around issue #96

First Illustrated Comic Art Workshop!
Second Illustrated Comic Art Workshop!

Special War Series #4, a one-shot introduction for the character. A young soldier, Hadley "Rip" Jagger, fights Japanese army soldiers on a remote Pacific island. When under fire, he is rescued by mysterious warriors who train him in the martial arts. He was versed in Karate, Jiujitsu with a black belt in Judo

Kendo Discipline Represented!
Sarge Steel back-up actually started in the previous issue!

Judomaster #89 continued the tale of the costumed martial artist, from that lone origin issue.

Tiger - the young sidekick!

My favorite cover was the last issue, #98. Love the action pose and how can you go wrong with a dinosaur? 

My Favorite Cover!

One of Judomaster's adventures involve stealing a Japanese airplane, fly to Japan and destroy a super rocket. He destroys the missile and makes his way to Tokyo, where he destroys the plans for the rocket. He was captured and forced to make a radio propaganda speech against the Allies and labeled a ... traitor!


Judomaster faces tough villains, Mountain Storm (Sumo discipline), the Cat (Kendo discipline) and the Acrobat. Smiling Skull, a Sarge Steel villain shows up in this series as well. Judomaster even tangles it up in the boxing ring. 

 Along the way, Judomaster gains a young sidekick, Tiger.

Crazy martial arts ad you'd see back then!

For just a buck!
Thunderbolt & Sarge Steel served as back-up features. Judomaster was also a back-up in Sarge Steel prior to getting his own series. 


There was something to be learned as well as the stories, with martial arts lessons in many of the issues. I always liked this aspect of the comic book.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Cover for proposed series!
Art for proposed series!
Funky figure!
Modern version of Judomaster!

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