Friday, August 15, 2014


George Tuska & Jack Sparling artwork!

Having featured a couple of the Harvey Thrillers recently, Spyman, Magicman & Gladiator, I would like to wrap up the headliners.

Pirana (Thrill-O-Rama), Jack Q. Frost (Unearthly Spectaculars) & Jigsaw (Big Hero Adventures)  rounded up the gang. 

Pirana #2 & #3 were written by Otto (Adam Link - Robot) Binder and drawn by Jack (Secret Six) Sparling.  Starting out as Oceanography Institute researcher Edward Yates, offered himself as a guinea pig in an experiment designed to enable humans to live under water, found himself transformed so he could only live under water. Pirana's mental activity was accompanied by crackles & sparks around his head, which were capable of powering a radio. 

As Giant Sized Harvey Thrillers, Jack Q. Frost #2 & #3 were written by Joe Simon & Otto Binder and illustrated by Jack (Tiger Girl) Sparling, Gil Kane (he certainly got around) & Bill Draut. While doing CIA type dirty work in the Arctic one day, James Flynn got frozen so solid, it took nuclear radiation to thaw him, became Jack Q. Frost.  

Good Read!

Jigsaw #1 & #2 were written by Otto (Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder & drawn by Tony (Werewolf) Tallarico. Repaired by aliens, Astronaut Gary Jason became Jigsaw, the disconnectable "Man of a Thousand Parts," pliable like Plastic Man and as strong as The Hulk.

Fighting American #1 was reprinted in a Giant Sized Harvey Thriller featuring reprints from the fifties series by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby. Marvel printed a nice hardcover in the late eighties. Handsome, athletic, outspoken radio announcer Johnny Flagg is murdered by enemy agents, so his wimpy brother, Nelson, volunteers for an experiment where his mind is transferred to Johnny's rebuilt & enhanced body. 

Don't even get me started on the back-up features - by Wally Wood, Al Williamson, Gil Kane, Reed Crandall & Doug Wildey no less! And a Neal Adams Good Year Tires ad thrown in for good measure.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Joe Simon's unpublished cover for Jigsaw #3!

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  1. I wish these were collected somewhere! I am still hoping to track down reasonably priced copies of these awesome Harvey comics super heroes!