Monday, August 11, 2014


Overseen by Joe Simon, Harvey Thrillers Double-Dare Adventures #1 showcased the origin of Bee-Man, drawn by Bill (Spyman) Draut. The second issue had Bee-Man, drawn by Dick (Sgt. Fury) Ayers, reform & go to work for the F-Bee-I.

Jim (Spyman) Steranko designed Glowing Gladiator, not sure who may have penciled this, however Joe Simon seems to have inked the origin story in Double-Dare Adventures #1. In Double-Dare Adventures #2, the Gladiator story, was drawn by Jack (Pirana) Sparling with Joe Simon inks. 

Another of Steranko's designs, Magicmaster, was illustrated by Jack Sparling. Steranko also contributed a character profile of Magicmaster for Double-Dare Adventures #1. Sparling went on to draw Magicmaster in Double-Dare Adventures #2.  

Magic Session 2 page activity feature in Double-Dare Adventures #1, written by Jim Steranko, showed Palming a Coin & the French Drop.

Below, please find some other early Jim Steranko work. 

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  1. I only have one of those Bee-Man comics...again these need to be collected somehow!