Friday, August 1, 2014


In the Silver Age, Bob Fujitani is probably most remembered for his work on Gold Key's Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom #1-#5. It has been stated Doctor Solar #5 was his last work in comics. 

Bob attended the American School of Design in New York City. He studied figure drawing under George Bridgman, who taught Norman Rockwell and so many others.

Fujitani has drawn Mandrake, Rip Kirby, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant & dozens of other comic strips. 

For Gold Key, Bob drew Doctor Solar Man of the Atom, Turok Son of Stone, Boris Karloff Thriller & Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery. 


Fukitani was most prolific in the Golden Age, drawing Black Condor & Dollman for Quality and Astonishing Comics & Two-Gun Kid for Marvel Comics. 

Another iconic character Bob illustrated was Sherlock Holmes, for Dell Comics' Four Color series, along with Prince Valiant.

Reprints of Fujitani's earlier material have appeared in Valiant (Doctor Solar) & AC Comics (his Golden Age superhero work.) 

Personally, I enjoyed the clean lines & realism of Bob Fujitani's comic book artwork, along the lines of Russ Manning, Dave Stevens and Paul Smith. 

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