Thursday, July 31, 2014


Illustrious Doug Wildey illustrated comic books for Marvel, DC, Gold Key, Dell, Atlas, Red Circle, Eclipse, Comico and Harvey Comics. 

Early in his career he drew primarily westerns, not surprising with his fantastic Rio series. In the sixties, he worked on The Saint & Steve Canyon comic strips. 

Doug was most famous for Jonny Quest & Rio. Although he also drew Tarzan, Korak & Tiger-Boy

For Gold Key, Wildey worked on Tarzan, Korak & Jonny Quest, need I say more.

At Harvey, Doug drew for Double Dare Adventures, Thrill-O-Rama & Unearthly Spectactulars, a couple of Tiger-Boy stories. Loved those Harvey Thriller days.

Wildey carried on with Jonny Quest with Comico, even coming out with three classic cartoon episodes adapted for the comics. One of those, was the story of Hadji joining the Quests. 

Rio also came out during Doug's time at Comico in a beautiful western, graphic novel. 

Wildey not only worked in comics, but cartoon illustration as well. It was there he developed Jonny Quest. I love him for that. Jonny Quest is one of my favorite cartoons. In addition to Jonny Quest, WIldey went on to work on Herculoids, Chuck Norris & Jana of the Jungle. 

My childhood was happier for Doug Wildey & I'll always much appreciate him for that.
Live Large my Friends!

Thank You!

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