Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I've always enjoyed the clean lines of masterful Jack Abel, primarily known for his inking & art assists. Jack, aka Gary Michaels, has worked for a number of publishers, DC, Marvel, Charlton, Gold Key, Atlas Red Circle & Skywald. And here I always thought Gary Michaels was the alias!

At DC, Abel worked on Kamandi, Adventure Comics (Legion of Super-Heroes, Wonder Woman), Mister Miracle, Star Spangled War Stories & Sea Devils.

With Marvel, Jack provided artwork for Master of Kung-Fu (with Paul Gulacy & Gene Day), Tales of Suspense (Iron Man with Gene Colan), Marvel Tales, Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (with Steranko!), Savage She-Hulk, Incredible Hulk (with Herb Trimpe) & Doc Savage.

Jack Abel inked Herb Trimpe on the famous Incredible Hulk#180 & #181 (introducing Wolverine to the world!)

At Charlton, Abel worked on Attack, Fightin' Marines, Fightin' Navy, Ghost Manor & Ghostly Haunts. 

With Gold Key, Jack drew Mighty Samson, Twilight Zone, Questar (Who Goes There? the basis for John Carpenter's The Thing movie) & Boris Karloff.

At Atlas, Abel provided artwork on Morlock 2001 & Western Action.

With Red Circle, Jack drew on Red Circle Sorcery.

At Skywald, Abel provided artwork for Nightmare (who didn't work on Nightmare?)

Jack Abel was, like Vince Colletta, a great artist and provided a great portfolio of work.

Live Large!

Thank You! 

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