Thursday, July 17, 2014



Russ Manning gave us a lot of his soul, in Tarzan, Star Wars and Magnus, Robot Fighter. His artwork was always fantastic, top notch. I still look back in awe at the level of his expertise. 

Russ drew Tarzan & Star Wars (his last work, as writer and artist) comic strips (Tarzan comic strips have been reprinted by Dark Horse) as well as in the comic books! He is fondly remembered for that genre.  

For Gold Key, Manning created Magnus, Robot Fighter (also reprinted by Dark Horse in three great hardback editions) & Captain Johner and The Aliens (orignally a back-up feature in Magnus.) Additionally, he provided a massive amount of artwork on Tarzan.

Other Edgar Rice Burroughs properties he illustrated were John Carter, Korak and Brothers of the Spear. More information on these and Tarzan can be found on their magnificent site,  

For the Dell Comics movies & television tie-ins,  Russ worked on 77 Sunset Strip, Roy Rogers, Sea Hunt, Wyatt Earp, Ben Hur & Captain Sinbad

Manning's assistants included William Stout, Mike Royer, Dave Stevens and Rick Hoberg. Wow, what a master to emulate and look up to.

Russ even went on to do some coloring books as well. Unfortunately, I'm not sure of his projects in that field. Would love to have seen them though.

What I mainly remember him for, was Magnus Robot Fighter, Star Wars & 77 Sunset Strip.  

Great Man! Great Art!

Live Large!

Thank You!

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