Monday, July 21, 2014


David Mack grabbed my attention with his first Kabuki story, Fear the Reaper. Awesome, breathtaking, so full of Asian influenced artistic imagination. He's one of the nicest guys you will meet. 
  Now,  Mack is celebrating Kabuki's 20th Anniversary with a new Kabuki story coming up next month in a new Third Volume of Dark Horse Presents

I'm stoked!

David began his comic book career with Kabuki Fear the Reaper one shot and the Circle of Blood mini-series at Caliber Comics. He also wrote & drew Dance of Death #1 for London Night Studios at that time as well. 


 From there, Mack moved Kabuki to Image Comics and only got better, much better all the time, with Kabuki #1 (How about that variant Jim Steranko cover!!!)

David also come out with a children's book, Shy Creatures

Mack has also worked extensively with Marvel Comics with covers, stories and artwork. There, he produced dynamic writing and stunning artwork for Daredevil #9-#25, Alias #1-#28 & White Tiger #1-#6.

David's done breathtaking artwork for Crypt of Dawn #2, Red Sonja #26, Shadowman #8, Turok Mag #2, Vampirella Strikes #7, Vampirella/Dracula Showcase #1, Shi/Cyblade: Battle for the Independents #1, Ruule #1-#2 & Realm #7

  More recently, Mack has worked for DC producing awesome variant covers for a number of their titles such as Justice League of America #44-#60 & Swamp Thing #13-#15.   

 I've thoroughly enjoyed David Mack's dynamic comic book artwork over the years, primarily Kabuki, Daredevil, Alias & White Tiger.

  Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!


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  1. So what is kabuki about? Aside from a hot Japanese woman in a rising sun outfit?