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 Alex Nino is a bold, dynamic genius, what else can I say? A walk on the wild side of comic books. A walk you do not want to miss out on.

Alex is a Filipino artist known for his work with Gold Key/Whitman (Twilight Zone) Marvel (Conan Saga), DC (Thriller), Continuity(Shaman), Red Circle (Comet), Innovation (Nightmare), New Comics Group (Young Master), Warren (1984, Goblin), Pacific (Bold Adventures), Image (Dead Ahead) and the classic magazine Heavy Metal.

Early in his comic book artist career, Nino did a story in Whitman's Twilight Zone #65 & Gold Key's Mystery Comics Digest #17. There's two I have not seen, and would love to.

Alex also worked for DC Comics on the innovative series, Thriller #9 and a Captain Fear series premiering in Adventure Comics #425 (through #429.) The cover to the first installment sported a great Michael Kaluta piece. He provided a Superman cover to Action Comics Weekly #611 and a short story in the 2013 series Batman Black and White #2 (with a stunning Steranko cover!) He also illustrated the awesome Space Clusters GN written by Arthur Byron Cover.

For Marvel Nino worked on our favorite Cimmerian in Savage Sword of Conan #6 & #228 & Conan Saga #37. He also did a couple of the Marvel Classic Comics, my fave is #2 The Time Machine (adapted by Otto Binder of the H.G. Well's novel) with its killer Gil Kane cover and a bio of H.G. Wells.

With Continuity Comics, Nino provided artwork on Shaman #0 & Samuree #1-#3.

At Red Circle Comics, Alex drew The Comet #1 & #2. I recently procured these and have yet to thoroughly enjoy his work. He also did art on Blue Ribbon Comics #2 & Shield Steel Sterling #3.

Nino got his own Alex Nino's Nightmare #1 at Innovation.

Some of my personal favorites were with New Comics Group on their Young Master #6 & #8 & Demonblade #1 series. Young Master, primarily drawn by Val Mayerik, was one of the best martial arts comic books published. If you haven't, you need to check out these comics. New comics Group also put out Asylum #1 with work by Nino (and a kick-ass cover by Bernie Wrightson!)

At Warren, Nino produced artwork for the cool 1984/1994 #1-#26 & #28 (with some great Corben covers), Goblin #3 as well as the staples Creepy #94, Eerie #87 & Vampirella #85 (with a sweet Paul Gulacy cover!)

Most notably for Heavy Metal, was Alex Nino's adaptation (with Doug Moench) of Theodore Sturgeon's More Than Human. Outstanding!

For Pacific Comics, Alex illustrated the short lived Soldier of Fortune stories in Bold Adventures #2 & #3 this issue has a great Kaluta cover!)

Nino left comics a couple of times, the lastest being a 3 issue mini-series for Image, Dead Ahead.

Alex continues to do commission work on his web site

Let me know if you enjoy Alex Nino's fantastic artwork as much as I do.

Live Large. 

Thank You.  


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