Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I remember Joe Staton most for his E-Man, Six Million Dollar Man, Green Lantern & Huntress comic books!

Joe worked a lot for Charlton, Marvel, DC, First, Comico, Warren, Digital Webbing and Renegade Comics. 

At Charlton, Joe began his illustrious career with E-Man, one of his premiere super-hero character. E-Man spanned a incredible number of comic book companies. 

Staton also drew the Six Million Dollar Man #1 & Space: 1999 #1. Those two were terrific comic books (don't forget, Charlton also put out terrific magazines on these two as well, Yes!) based on the TV shows. Another TV series he illustrated for the comics was Primus, from Ivan Tors who produced Around the World Under the Sea, a favorite movie of mine.

Initially hired by Marvel, Joe illustrated The Avengers #127, The Incredible Hulk #200 & Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #28.

Staton was brought in by DC to work on Justice Society of America (in All-Star Comics), he went on to illustrate Green Lantern #117, Guy Gardner #1, Wonder Woman, Huntress #1 (in DC Super-Stars #17) & Power Girl (my favorite in Showcase #97.)

Joe went on to work for First comics as Art Director. There, he continued the E-Man #1 & Mike Mauser (in The P.I.s #1) comics, along with Howard Chaykin's American Flagg #28.

Staton illustrated Charles Santino's ambitious graphic novel adaptation of Ayn Rand's epic novel Anthem.

Joe Status is reserved a special place in my heart for his dynamic, yet fun style of artwork. He has a fantastic web site @ joestaton.com

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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