Monday, July 28, 2014


Tom Sutton (aka Dementia) illustrated a certain Star-Lord character you may have heard of, such as the one in the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy! (cannot wait to see the movie this Thursday night!)

Tom has worked for Warren, Marvel, DC, Charlton & First Comics (Grimjack), along with time as a commercial artist.


Sutton drew many stories for Charlton in their Ghost Manor, Midnight Tales, Monster Hunters & Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves titles.  

Tom provided a lot of artwork for Warren in their fantastic Creepy, Eerie & Vampirella (the first to illustrate Vampirella herself!) classic horror magazines. 

At Marvel, Sutton drew Ghost Rider, Man-Thing, Planet of the Apes, Not Brand Echh! (great stuff!) & Star-Lord (in Marvel Premiere #61.) 

With DC, Tom illustrated House of Secrets, House of Mystery (including I...Vampire), Batman #400 & (a great run of nearly all issues of) Star Trek.

Sutton also drew Fiction Illustrated #1, a fantastic Byron Preiss (Weird Heroes!) production for Pyramid Publications, Schlomo Raven (one of the digest graphic novels that Jim Steranko also contributed to, with Chandler!) 

Tom Sutton has drawn a lot, I mean a lot, of great horror and humor stories over the years, keeping us well entertained. 

Gotta love it!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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