Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Good, classic cold war spy fare first came Gold Key Comics' Freedom Agent #1 & continued the following year in John Steele, Secret Agent #1. Both written by the great Paul S. Newman with superb art by Giovanni Ticci & Alberto (Star Trek) Giolitti. 

In Freedom Agent #1, there were two stories, "The Giant Makers" & "Escape from the Top of the World."  We're given good, clean cold war action, all drawn by the meticulous hands of the fantastic Alberto Giolitti. Between him and Paul Newman, how can you go wrong?

"Captured behind the Iron Curtain on a rescue mission, Freedom Agent becomes the victim of a fantastic experiment!"

There were also two stories in John Steele Secret Agent #1, "The Unseen Foe" & "Double for Danger." Freedom Agent returns in two new espionage stories. 

"Unseen danger stalks John Steele as he hunts a gang of invisible saboteurs!" 

"The Unseen Foe" is classic spy fare with good action scenes, military sabotage conducted by an invisible foe and a real cold war paranoia feel to it.

In "Double for Danger," Steele trades places with a Castro-like Latin America dictator (ala-Mission: Impossible.)


I'm sure you'll agree, two good books deserving further adventures. 

Too bad they didn't.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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