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Space Ghost, designed by legendary Alex (Jonny Quest, Herculoids, Mighty Mightor) Toth, was one of my Saturday morning's first superheroes. Simpler, fun times to enjoy cartoon and comic books. 

Back cover pin-up of Space Ghost #1!
Early Alex Toth design for Space Ghost!
Protector of the Universe, Space Ghost was an interstellar cop, based on Ghost Planet. Equipped with an inviso-button on his belt, rendering him invisible and power bands, capable of emitting a variety of rays. Able to fly, he usually gets around in his space ship, The Phantom Cruiser with companions Jan and Jayce (teenage siblings), and Blip, the Monkey. 

Zorak's Revenge from Space Ghost #1!

Space Ghost's encountered other Hanna Barbera heroes, The Herculoids and The Mighty Mightor along with recurring villains, including Zorak (an insectoid alien), Brak (a cat-oid alien) and Metallus (a robot.) 

 Space Ghost #1 first appeared as a one-shot Gold Key Comic, written by Don R. Christensen with art by Dan (Space Family Robinson) Spiegle. There was a character profile and "Zorak's Revenge", easily the favorite villain for Space Ghost. Dino Boy was featured in a back-up story.  

Space Ghost appeared in a few issues of Gold Key's Hanna-Barbera Super TV Heroes. Short, Space Ghost adventures were featured in issues #3, #6 & #7. Not to measure up with other comic book stories, it did help to keep Space Ghost alive and well.

All aboard!

Great cover!

Archie Comics' Cartoon Network Presents Space Ghost #1 presented Space Ghost in an encounter with two villains, leaving him invisible, a living ghost with his only chance Blip the monkey! In the other feature, Space Ghost faced off with Metallus and met Dino Boy, another Hanna Barbera cartoon character.

Marvel Comics came out with Hanna Barbera's TV Stars #3 featuring Space Ghost, written by Mark Evanier and drawn by Space Ghost designer Alex Toth! By the way, that same issue included a Herculoids story, inked by Dave (Rocketeer) Stevens! 

Look who shows up in Nexus!
Comico presented a Space Ghost #1 one-shot from long time writer Mark (Herculoids) Evanier, and talented artist Steve (Nexus) Rude. In the whopping 43 page story (Yeah!) the Sinister Spectre frees some of Space Ghost's foes from prison, to help him destroy Space Ghost.

They captured the spirit of the cartoon very well, Rude being an excellent choice for the artist. Dig that awesome cover!

  Space Ghost appeared in one of the Big Little Books. It appears to have Dan Spiegle artwork. I'd really like to see that. Catchy cover too! Have yet to come across it though in order to check it out.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Alex Toth model sheet for the cartoon!

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