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Star*Reach provided some magnificent illustrated fiction at the top of the independent game. Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Howard Chaykin, Jim Starlin, Ken Steacy, P. Craig Russell, Frank Brunner and Barry Windsor-Smith were just a few of the talented artists featured in the series. Mike Friedrich, Len Wein, Jim Starlin, Steve Skeates were a snapshot of the writers gracing us with their prose. 

It was a great time for the independent comic books. Mike Friedrich with Dick Giordano created Stephanie Starr, originally featured in the classic Star*Reach #2

Star*Reach #2 
Cover by Neal (Batman) Adams.
"In the Light of Future Days..."
First appearance of Stephanie Starr, female cadet in the Space Force Academy.
Written by Mike (Ghost Rider) Friedrich with Dick (Batman) Giordano artwork. Terry Austin assisted on the backgrounds.
1st print April 1975 has $1.00 cover price.
2nd print October 1976.
3rd print December 1977 has $1.25 cover price. 

Star*Reach Classics #2
New cover by Dick Giordano.
"In the Light of Future Days..."
Written by Mike (Frankenstein, Warlock) Friedrich with Dick (Nukla, Sarge Steel) Giordano artwork. Terry (Starlord, X-Men) Austin assisted on the backgrounds.
Reprints story from Star*Reach #2
Dell Comics atomic powered superhero Nukla!
Charlton Comics fearless Sarge Steel!

The two great Illustrated Comic Art Workshop books from Dick Giordano & Frank McLaughlin.

Some of my personal favorites of Dick Giordano were Dell Comics Nukla and Charlton Comics Sarge Steel. See you tomorrow, for another great independents blast from the past Enjoy the fun!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Terrific book all about Dick Giordano!

More recent art book from Dick Giordano!

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  1. I was never a big fan of Eclipse's colorized reprints; a lot of the Warren stuff came from mediocre stats (Starlin's Darklon really suffered, in my opinion) and in this case they decided to censor most (but weirdly, not all) of the nudity. That purple halter top didn't exist in the original comic and. not that it seems that big a deal now. but the big raison d'etre of StarReach was letting mainstream comics artists work without restrictions, no doubt all the excuse Giordano needed to have his heroine topless in every panel, which is pretty much the only distinction this would have from the same story being published in Mystery In Space in the 70s. And maybe that kick would've been to the face. Eclipse also whited out Stephanie using some salty language on page 16, panel 4.