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After the initial burst of one-shots featuring Captain Glory, Bombast & Nightglider (all derived from Kirby drawings & ideas) the heroes worked together in the Secret City Saga, a four-issue limited series (with an addendum number zero to boot) that chronicled the fate of the Ninth Men. Roy Thomas wrote all the issues with the artwork by Steve Ditko on all, except for Walt Simonson doing the honors on the zero issue.
Jack "King" Kirby's drawings of Bombast & Captain Glory!

The Ninth Men populated Gazra, a society which advanced to the point in which it was harvesting the full potential of an integrated community, with its technological advancements having been made with an organic theme, instead of machine based. Yet, their environment itself seemed to turn against them, huge nearly planet-wide storms destroying all in their path. As a contingency, the scientific and military leaders of Gazra placed three of their citizens into hibernation, with hopes that these three would survive "The Great Catastrophe" to spread the ideals of the society of the Ninth Men onto the next age of Man....which is revealed to be us, present-day humans.

Gold foil embossed cover!
Limited edition red cover I've never see!

Secret City Saga #0
This is a prequel to the Secret City Saga mini-series and its spin-offs, including the origin of the Secret City.

No price marked for #0, it was generally available as a giveaway for coupons. All issues are polybagged with trading cards.

Secret City Saga #1
Cover by Steve Ditko inked by Art Adams.  

"The Story Thus Far"
Inside front cover includes credits and a recap of the story.
"In Battle Joined"
President Clinton revealed as an agent of the bad guys.
Contains trading cards of Captain Glory, Bombast & Nightglider. Also contains a coupon for a "Kirbychrome" version of #0.  

Secret City Saga #2
Cover by Ditko inked by John Byrne. 
"The Story Thus Far"
Inside front cover includes credits and a recap of story.
"When Titans Trash"
Captain Glory, Nightglider & Bombast meet President Clinton, who is really an evil shapeshifter.

President Clinton's face is redrawn throughout the story, possibly by the illustrious Mort Drucker.
Contains trading cards of Dreena by Jack Kirby & John (Space: 1999) Byrne, General Ordiz by Kirby & Bill (Moon Knight) Sienkiewicz and Calcutta by Kirby & Dave (Watchmen) Gibbons.

Secret City Saga #3
Cover by Ditko & Bill Sienkiewicz.
"The Story Thus Far"
Inside front cover includes credits and recap of story.
Clinton and Boris Yeltsin's faces are redrawn on the splash page.

Dave (Star Wars covers) Dorman Secret City illustration.  
Contains trading cards of Clinton by Angelo (Creepy, Eerie) Torres, Gore by Angelo Torres, and Dr. Roag by John (Next Men) Byrne.   

Secret City Saga #4 
Cover by Ditko & George (White Tiger) Perez.
"The Story So Far"
Inside front cover includes credits and recap of story.
Let Sleeping Bojums Lie"
Captain Glory, Bombast & Nightglider rescue the real Bill Clinton.
Contains trading cards of Teenagents by Adam (Wonder Woman) Hughes Secret City Saga by Steve Ditko & Arthur (Monkeyman & O'Brian) Adams and Bombast by Jim (Shadowhawk) Valentino.

What would have become the final two installments of the Secret City Saga, a new Silver Star mini-series, and a new Captain Victory book, Victory, which were billed as 4 issue mini-series, only saw the publication of the first issues before the plug was pulled on the books. The final three issues of each have yet to be published. Both Silver Star, the Secret City heroes and Captain Victory resurfaced in 2011 in Kirby Genesis, written by Kurt (Astro City) Busiek who was also the author of the never published Silver Star issues.
Panel from Bombast #1!

Even Rob Liefeld managed to get into the action!

These are old-fashioned superheroes, but alas they didn't find much of a market. They feel like throwback to the Marvel tales from the Bronze Age. I still remember this last blast of Jack "King" Kirby brilliance fondly though.

"Kirbyverse" was fun and entertaining, rare in modern comics. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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