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Sojourn was a two issue tabloid series published by White Cliffs Publishing Co. back in the late seventies. 

This tabloid was a great looking project but not a commercial success. The size made it unwieldly and hard to sell. The first issue was offered signed and numbered by each artist. According to Bob Beerbohm "There were two issues of Sojourn (of which I've only seen one) which Joe published way back when, when the (Direct Market) was still young. Its unwieldy size and tendency to fall over on the racks made it unpopular with those trying to sell it to the public. Joe was beseeched upon to make it magazine size like Barry Smith was with Story Teller a few years back - both of whom would not listen. Orders dried up, the zines went away - caught in the desire of the artist person to see his work closer in size to the original art, but not suitable to display for sale" Indexer's copy is signed but not numbered and according to Bob Bailey, a former student, the numbering was considered to have been too much of a chore but promised signatures were delivered to charter subscribers.

Sojourn #1
"Tor" by Joe (Tarzan) Kubert.

"Kingdom of the Maggots" by Steve (Swamp Thing) Bissette
"T.C. Mars, A Very Private Eye" by Sergio (Groo) Aragones.
"The Smooth" a sci-fi feature by Mary (Linda Lovecraft) Skrenes and Dick (Stephanie Starr) Giordano.

"E.V. Race" a private eye strip by Doug (Jonny Quest) Wildey.

"Eagle" by John (Sgt. Fury) Severin.
"Montage", a column about movies by Bill Kelley, featuring an interview with Bruce Dern (of the motion picture Silent Running fame)!
"Kronos" by Lee (Black Cat) Elias.

Characters included Tor, The Smooth, Eddie Race, Eagle, T.C. Mars, Kronos & Kingdom of the Maggots

Kronos (shown below) reformated & reprinted in The Rook #8, completed & published in The Rook #9-#11.
Eagle was reprinted in The Rook #12.
Black & White with color on the cover and pages 4 & 22.

Sojourn #2
Cover runs vertically, even though the rest of the book run horizontally.
Characters included Tor, The Smooth, Eddie Race, Eagle, T.C. Mars, Kronos & Kingdom of the Maggots
Color cover, black & white interior.
 Stories by Joe Kubert, Sergio Aragonés, Doug Wildey, Steve Bissette, John Severin, Dick Giordano & Lee Elias. 
Eagle was reprinted in The Rook #13.

Ad for the school, also has correspondence course!

Sojourn was done to support the Joe Kubert School of Comic Art, a noble cause and its fine students. Some of the esteemed alumni include Lee (Daredevil) Weeks, Amanda (Harley Quinn) Conner, Karl (Superboy) Kesel, Rags (Geomancer) Morales, Dave (Star Wars)  Dorman, Cliff (Brit) Rathburn, Tim (Airboy) Truman & Mike (Widow) Wolfer. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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