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Pacific Comics first published Gray Morrow's Edge of Chaos as a fantastic  three issue mini-series. It was a adult retelling of Greek gods story in a science fiction format.

For his next creator-owned comic book, Edge of Chaos, Gray went the Steve Reeves route, creating a dashing and muscular hero modeled off the Hercules actor, rather than a swashbuckling Flynn type, one Eric Cleese, who is innocently sucked into a time not his own. The mini-series, along with Orion, is another of his most personal works.

Eric Cleese is transported from his ship to Olympus by Zeus, a futuristic city floating in space, ruled by the fabled Gods of Greek mythology and tasked by them to defeat the deranged wizard Moloch, who threatens to destroy their world, driven mad by his loved one death.

I find Gray Morrow's Orion like a Ray Harryhausen movie with topless women, while his Edge of Chaos is what happens when He-Man gains an R rating.
Original cover for the Origin Issue!

Edge of Chaos #1
"Edge of Chaos"
Introduction & origin of Eric Cleese to face the wizard Moloch.
Written & illustrated by Gray (Classics Illustrated) Morrow.

Edge of Chaos #2
"Edge of Chaos"
Written & illustrated by Gray (co-creator of Man-Thing) Morrow.

Original cover for issue #3!

Edge of Chaos #3
"Edge of Chaos"
Written & illustrated by Gray (Perry Rhodan paperback covers) Morrow.

Front & back covers for the fine Hermes Press publication.

Gray Morrow’s most masterful work was Orion, a storyline that he created and published through Heavy Metal magazine. It was collected in a terrific Hermes Press book, along with Edge of Chaos

Promo piece for the fantastic mini-series!
Hard to find, but well worth it, Ace Books paperback inspired by Tarzan & Doc Savage! Nice Gray Morrow covers!
Each of these have been reprinted (unfortunately without the Morrow covers & also published as ebooks.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Published in both graphic novel & paperback formats!

Morrow's magnificent artwork from Orion, companion piece to Edge of Chaos.
Morrow showing off another of his beautiful women drawings, Vampirella.

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