Thursday, October 1, 2015


Created by Jack "King" Kirby, Topps Comics Captain Glory was a captain in Gazra's Science Team security forces fifteen millennia ago, who upon awakening would assume the name Captain Glory. He's also one of the three surviving Ninth Men of Gazra from the Great Catastrophe. Certainly not an uncommon theme for Jack Kirby.

Captain Glory #1
"The Power and the Glory"
1st appearance of Captain Glory, meets Nightglider and Bombast.
Written by Roy Thomas with Steve Ditko art.
"Giants in the Earth"
Text article reminiscence and celebration of the silver age artists working on Topps Comics. Includes photos of Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, John Severin and a self-caricature by Don Heck.
Polybagged with a Trading Card.
Ditko also contributed inking on a page of the Satan's Six and the inking on the Batton Lash story in Satan's Six #1

Like the McFarlane inks on this cover!

Part of Jack Kirby's "Secret City Saga"; ties into Secret City Saga #0-4, Nightglider #1, Bombast #1 & Satan's Six #1-4.

Another Captain (Nice) Kirby illustrated for the television series.

Dynamite cover. Great old fashioned fun! Wish we had more of that in modern comic books. 

Live Large My Friends!

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