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The World Trembles Before The Blade Of...Claw The Unconquered! 

*** Exciting news this morning, on Facebook, from J. David Spurlock:
Newly Revealed Info from J. David Spurlock, Agent of Steranko: "The DC character/title's name Claw, was created by Jim Steranko." (The information was confirmed to me (Spurlock) by both Joe Orlando and Jim Steranko.) ***

Dynamite! Couldn't wait to share this. So far there hasn't been any conceptual artwork available, hopefully something can be dug up. I'll be looking forward to it.

Claw, similar to Conan, was a wanderer and a barbarian in an apparently prehistoric age who battled various wizards, thieves, monsters and warriors who crossed his path. Unlike Conan however, Claw had a deformed, claw-like right hand, the result of a curse placed on his family. My thought, the hand thing, not unlike Spyman, also created by Jim Steranko.


Claw the Unconquered #1
"The Sword and the Silent Scream" 
Claw is pitted against "Occulas of the Yellow Eye" an Evil sorcerer and king who murdered Claw's father.
Introduction & origin of Claw, who's real name is Valcan. 
Written by David Michelinie with Ernie Chan (aka Chua) artwork. 
"Reflections in a Four-color Mirror" 
Text article on David Michelinie.  

Keith Giffen's Claw!

Keith Giffen took over artistic chores with issue #8, leading Claw into more sci-fi territory. Legendary Joe Kubert contributed great covers to issues #10-#12 (the last three issues.)
Publishing hiatus between #9 (September-October 1976) and #10 (April-May 1978).
Stories prepared for Claw the Unconquered #13 & #14 appeared in Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #1

Cancelled Comics Cavalcade #1
Proposed Claw the Unconquered #13 & #14!
"The Travelers of Dark Destiny"
Having lost the gauntlet that shields him from the demonic influence of his right hand, Claw has cut off that hand, when he meets Trysannda. She has sought him out to help her get out of a bargain she has made with a wizard. Reluctant to help her, Claw finds his severed hand has returned and that he must recover his gauntlet from Dalivar, the very wizard with whom Trysannda made her bargain. So the pair of adventurers head to the wizard's castle at Ravenroost.
Written by David Michelinie with Romeo Tanghal and Bob Smith artwork. 
Also included the proposed letters page for issue #13.
"When the Rivers of Ravenroost ...Ran Red"
While Claw fights the Earth elemental guarding Ravenroost, Trysannda is taken to the master of the castle, Validarr (Dalivar's name is suddenly Validarr in this story.) Once Claw defeats the elemental, however, he proves no match for the rodent guardians of the castle, and is thrown in the dungeon. He escapes his prison in time to save Trysannda, and after Claw defeats the monster Sha-Gasa, the two head undergound where they encounter yet another challenge.
Tom DeFalco took over the writing chores with artists Tanghal and Smith.
Also included proposed cover for issue #14, by Joe Kubert.

Let us not forget the Harvey Thrillers barbarian creation of Steranko's as well, Clawfang. He showed up in Thrill-O-Rama #2 & Unearthly Spectaculars #2.


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  1. I think what happened is that DC originally announced this character as Talon and were told to change it by Steranko, who had a copyrighted barbarian character by that name. I guess he may have suggested an alternate name. Aside from some portfolio pieces and a knockout poster, Steranko's long-hyped Talon Visual Novel remains one of his many unfulfilled projects. It would've been great, and probably would've had an impact on how barbarian comics would be created, just as the planned Conan magazine by Gil Kane would have done, back before Marvel got into Sword and Sorcery.

  2. Oh, and Clawfang was actually written by Wally Wood.