Friday, October 2, 2015


Hercules, the Strongest Man in the World!

We all know Hercules, not only through the comics books, but the movies. I do believe John Buscema's Hercules here though pre-dates Jack Kirby's Hercules portrayed in Thor. Dell Comics did well here with having Buscema draw the epic tale of the Greek Gods.

Dell Four Color #1006 Hercules   His mighty arms destroyed a throne, and launched the quest for the Golden Fleece!
Photo preview of the story on the inside front cover.
Subject to a tyrant king's commands, Hercules must endure many tests of strength then sail in search of the Golden Fleece. Finally, he must overthrow the evil monarch's rule in order to restore the rightful king to his throne.
"Greek Warfare" 
Facts about the equipment and strategy used by the Greeks in war on the inside back cover.
"The Labors of Hercules" 
Some of the 12 labors of Hercules from the Greek myths, on the back cover.  
Adapted from the movie, by the prolific Paul S. Newman with all comic book artwork by "Big" John (Avengers, Conan) Buscema.

Dell Comics also released Hercules Unchained, a few issues (#1121) later, also written by Newman, with Reed (Spyman, Creepy) Crandall & George (Secret Agent Corrigan) Evans artwork. 

This is the John Buscema style I've enjoyed the most, like when he first stepped into his artist role in Marvel Comics The Avengers (as of #41.) Majestic!

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  1. The reason why that early Avengers period is so much better is that he was actually doing full art. I particularly enjoyed that Hercules two-parter (#49-50) where he inked himself. Later on he became more of a workhorse and did only light breakdowns which were still pretty comprehensive, but comparatively empty. People still seem to like his Conan work, but the sword and sorcery art he did on Avengers and early Sub-Mariner seemed a lot richer to me.