Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Boyfriend: It's the man who flies like an eagle!
Woman: It's the man with muscles of lead!
Artist: It's the masked enemy of all evil!
Boy: Are you kidding? It's some nut in his underwear.
Father: That's no ordinary nut, son. That's Captain Nice!

Mild-mannered police chemist Carter Nash invented a secret formula that turned himself into crime-fighter Captain Nice chosing the name so he wouldn't have to change his monogram. Captain Nice was created by Buck (Get Smart) Henry. He was played by William Daniels, later the voice of  KITT in the Knight Rider television series.  

Captain Nice #1   The Rooster robs the crows-until he runs afowl of Captain Nice!
"My Son the Superhero"
Introduction to Carter Nash (Captain Nice) & his Mother Nash. 
"Fowl Play"
Captain Nice take on the master criminal known as the Rooster! 

"The Big Flood"
The upstate dam fractures, threatening to flood Bigtown! 

"Good Deed Indeed"
Carter Nash spends a day as Captain Nice doing good deeds about town, or so he thinks!
"Think Mink"
The glamorous cat burglar Slymme Fatale arrives in Bigtown and purloins the mink coat belonging to Mrs Vanders.
All story art by Joe (Jet Dream, Martian Manhunter, Dark Shadows) Certa, possibly inked by Mike (Flash Gordon, I Spy) Roy.
Photo pin-up rear cover.

Tempo Books came out with an original Captain Nice paperback novel written by popular author William (Mod Squad, Then Came Bronson) Johnston. Mild, meek, mother's boy Carter Nash is Captain Nice, the super-human protector of Big Town??? Impossible!!! When the dastardly, devilish Thomas Fidget threatens the lives of Big Town's city fathers, shy, weak Carter Nash takes a swig of the secret formula that turns him into Captain Nice, the indestructible superman who chokes on his mother's apron strings. In the action that follows, all Big Town is turned into an arena (never mind a shambles) by the battle between Fidget's forces of evil and our hero(?). "Faster than a speeding bullet ... more powerful than a locomotive ... able to leap tall buildings in a single bound . . ." that's how Mrs. Nash views her super son. That the other citizens of Big Town have somewhat different views does not deter her from spurring Captain Nice to ever greater attempts at glory.

Topps Cards came out with a series of Captain Nice trading cards as well.

Here's a Jack Kirby piece I haven't seen in a long time! Awesome take on Captain Nice!
It's nice to take the edge off being a superhero every once and awhile. We've had plenty of that in the comics, but not much that made it to television and especially back then. Enjoy! 

Rooster reminds me of a character out of Gerry Anderson's Supercar or Thunderbirds!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Carter (William Daniels) Nash with his formula!

I must admit, I've got a soft spot for Slymme Fatale!

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