Wednesday, October 7, 2015


"I Must Destroy Them Before The World Surrenders!"
"Our Leader Was Insane To Bring Nukla Here...He's Too Powerful For Us!"

Original cover for Nukla #4!
Coming after Charlton Comics' Captain Atom, yet previous to DC Comics' Dr. Manhatten (of the Watchmen), came Dell Comics atomic hero - Nukla.  Now came the payoff - Steve Ditko coming on board as artist!

Nukla #4   The Moon Arsenal Set To Demolish The Earth!
"To the Moon"
Inside front cover.
"Terror on the Moon"
Tiro, the mad genius of Earth, attempts to destroy Nukla.
"Polar Danger"
With his jet spy plane blasted to bits, Gibbs hurls Earthward to certain death. 

"Tiro's Madness" 
Nukla must find Tito.
All three stories reprinted in Big Book 'O Ditko.
"Far North"
Inside back cover.

Legendary Steve (Captain Atom, Spider-Man) Ditko rounded out the fantastic creative talent with penciling the final issue. Here Ditko handles the chores on another atomic powered superhero. Nice to see since he wasn't doing Captain Atom at the time.

I enjoyed Sal Trapani inking Ditko!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Some beautiful mountain scenery!

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