Wednesday, September 30, 2015


"AAYEE! I Hope I Can Hold Onto It!" 

One of the original atomic powered superheroes! Nukla, the enemy of evil, can fire energy beams which create nuclear explosions when they hit their targets, but he is only able to do this in a dematerialized state. Both he and his plane can be rendered immaterial in this manner, making them virtually impossible to harm. Nukla can also use his powers to swiftly heal from injuries. His powers have limits however, and he can temporarily use up his supply of nuclear energy, leaving himself a normal human again until he has time to recover.
Inside front cover! Guess what? Dell did the comic book adaptation of this movie. Paul S. Newman wrote it, Joe Sinnott penciled it and Sal Trapani inked it!

Nukla #2   Can The Mad Baron's Diabolical Plot Succeed? Join Nukla As He Battles The World's Deadliest Foe!
"The Man in the Moon"
Baron von Zee targets New York from his fortified moon base. 
"The City in Space"
Baron von Zee fires his deadly rockets. 
"The Fall of Baron von Zee"
Nukla smuggles his was into Baron von Zee's moon. 
All stories written by Joe (Doomsday+1, Judomater, Captain Atom) Gill, penciled by Dick (Batman, Human Target, Wonder Woman) Giordano & inked by Sal (Superheroes, Defenders, Hogan's Heroes, Wild Wild West) Trapani (Giordano's brother-in-law.) 

Here's a gem I came across. Not sure if there was to be a fifth issue or not, but it's either that or a sweet commission piece. 

It was great to have Nukla in a period of time Captain Atom was missing in action. Maybe it wasn't the best, but it worked for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was sorry to see him go.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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