Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I recently came across a terrific Australian comic book from the mid fifties, Silver Starr! I've never seen it before, not surprising since I don't normally look at Golden Age books since the Marvel reprints went away. This comic book totally blew me away! Hands down, it's the next best thing to Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon. Can't do much better than emulating Alex Raymond though.

Pitt drew some beautiful women!
Some more Stanley Pitt work, A Tarzan influenced comic book.

Silver Starr centered on an Australian soldier, who on his return from the Second World War, joined an expedition, with his companions, Dr. Onro and Dyson, to the Earth's interior aboard a rocket-style ship. Together, they discover the incredible 'Flame World' and its ruler, Queen Pristine (Pitt's compliment to Alex Raymond's Dale Arden), rescuing her from the evil despot, Tarka (another acknowledgement to Raymond's character Ming the Merciless).


Silver Starr #1
"Silver Starr"
Written by Frank Ashley with art by Stanley Pitt (creator of Silver Starr, was the first Australian comic book artist to have original work published by a major American comic book company )

John Ryan, in his Australian Comic anthology Panel by Panel, describes Silver Starr as having story lines of average standard for this type of comic with the real attraction being their artwork.

"Under Pitt's deft handling, the scenes of rock formations and underground caverns came to life; as did the seas of molten lava and the ship winding its way through rock and water." John Ryan. 

With this discovery, I do believe I will be looking into more of the Golden Age comic books.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Original art by Stanley Pitt!
Original Stanley Pitt detail art!
Original art for DC Comics Witching Hour #14 by Stanley Pitt!

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  1. You can never go wrong with Stanley Pitt. You should hunt down the Captain George's Comic World double issue that reprints Pitt in black and white. Just sayin'!!!!!!!!!!!!