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Published by Millennium Publications, Collector's Dracula, brought collaborations from many different talents to bring a unique vision to the world of horror fantasy.

Collector's Dracula #1   The Ultimate Vampire Book Book One of Two
"Main Story" 
A group of travelers tour Castle Dracula and are narrated several vampire stories by the host.
Written by J. Harker with art by Sean (Wicked) Shaw.
This main story is frame work for the other stories which are interspersed throughout this story.
"Nosferatu: Plague of Terror" 
A crusader unwittingly frees a vampire. Nosferatu, a cadaverous monster with the calculating glint of utter evil in his hellish eyes, feasts not just on human blood but on human souls as well.
By Rik (Captain America) Levins, Mark (Doc Savage, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Wild Wild West) Ellis, and Rob (Doc Savage, Wild Wild West) Lewis.
Reprints six pages of story in Nosferatu: Plague of Terror #1.
"Nosferatu: Blood War" 
Nosferatu, Baron Graf Orlock, gets into the middle of a gang war in Los Angeles.
Story by Paul (Wild Wild West) Davis & art by Brian (A.K.A. Goldfish, Torso) Bendis.
"Vlad Dracula"
Text article on Count Vlad Dracula.
Written by J. Harker with art by Daerick (Vampire Lestat, Murcielaga) Gross, David (Kabuki, Daredevil) Mack & Bob (Godzilla, Species) Eggleton
Reprints 1 page from Young Dracula: Diary of a Vampire #1.
"Last of the Vampires" 
A hunter pursues the last of the vampires, Count Ortega.
By John (Marada, Black Knight) Bolton and Bob (Batman) Curran.
Reprints Tales of Terror #12 (with a sweet John Bolton cover.) 
Also, features a Portrait of Dracula painted by Daerick Gross, Young Dracula with art by David Mack & Vampire Bat painted by Bob Eggleton.
Front cover by Terry Pavlet with the back cover by Bob Eggleton.

Gotta love those Gray Morrow covers!

Collector's Dracula #2   - Book Two - The Rise of the V Cell
Cool Paul Campion painted cover.

"The Carpathian Mountains"
Written by J. Harker with art by Sean Shaw.
Vampire Cinema & various other vampire text articles & illustrations by Daryl Banks, David Mack & others.
"The Price of Evil" 
A method actor who scares people in his movies is a hen-pecked husband in real life.
Written by Marv Channing with art by Al (Star Trek) McWilliams.
Reprinted from  Red Circle Sorcery #10.
"The Blood Countess"
Written by Faye (Vampire Lestat) Perozich with art by Louis (Vampirella) Small, Jr. 
"The Vampire Hunter"
This story introduces Henry Hobson, who was intended to be a continuing character. He was an adventurer in the supernatural, attired similarly to Sherlock Holmes in an Inverness cape.
Written by Marv Channing with Frank (Mighty Samson, Red Sonja) Thorne art.
Reprinted from Mad House #97.
Sample of Bloodchilde comic book by Faye Perozich & Steve (Blade, Animal Man) Pugh.

There was another twisted Millennium publication, Asylum, presenting a similar theme, which I covered in a previous post. I didn't follow Millennium much in their day, but I am going back to collect them now, after coming across these gems. 

FYI, Millennium Publications co-founder Mark Ellis has also written numerous books the Outlander series, under the pen name James Axler. 

The Young Dracula series from Caliber Comics. The series presented early David Mack artwork.

Trade paperback for the Young Dracula series!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

The fiery barbarian, Red Sonja from Frank Thorne!

Some other fine Millennium publications that I did follow in their days! Great Stuff!

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