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Ballantine Books published Tomorrow Midnight, one in a terrific series of five EC Comics paperback book collections (all sporting legendary Frank Frazetta covers.) The black and white stories in these amazing volumes were cut down from their original forms to fit the pages of the mass market paperbacks.

The Ray Bradbury EC Comics paperback I'm still searching for.

Ray Bradbury tells of the wonders and adventures in the days to come. If you're the kind of reader who likes to hang around the spaceport all day, talking to rocket pilots....If you've always regretted you weren't the first to land on Mars...If you believe there's still more the be discovered - about the mysteries of space and the mature of Man, then Tomorrow Midnight is for you. Sit back and enjoy! 

I love this cover, not surprising since it is a Frazetta cover!

Tomorrow Midnight U2142
Painted cover by Frank Frazetta. 
Title page with accompanying illustration by Al (Flash Gordon) Williamson.
"Introduction" by Ray Bradbury.
Please note: the covers are not reprinted and the stories are presented in black and white. 


"Punishment Without Crime"

Adapted by Al (EC Comics & Mad Magazine) Feldstein with art by Jack (Creepshow) Kamen.
Reprinted from Weird Science #21

"I, Rocket"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Al Williamson; Frank (Conan paperback covers) Frazetta & Roy (Tarzan paperback covers) Krenkel.
Reprinted from Weird Fantasy #20

"King of the Gray Spaces"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by John (Sgt. Fury) Severin & Will (Little Annie Fanny) Elder.
Reprinted from Weird Fantasy #19.

"The One Who Waits"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Al Williamson & Frank (Thun'da) Frazetta.
Reprinted from Weird Science #19

"The Long Years"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Joe (Creepy) Orlando.
Reprinted from Weird Science #17.

"There Will Come Soft Rains..."
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Wally (Dynamo, Daredevil) Wood.
Reprinted from Weird Fantasy #17.
Original short story included in Bradbury's classic The Martian Chronicles

"Mars is Heaven"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Wally (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Wood.
Reprinted from Weird Science #18.

"Outcast of the Stars"
Adapted by Al Feldstein with art by Joe (Inferior Five) Orlando.
Reprinted in Weird Science #22.
"The End" illustation by Al (Daredevil) Williamson.
Brief bio of Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury holds a special place in my heart, especially with his brilliant novel Fahrenheit 451. I've even be fortunate enough to get his autograph on The Ray Bradbury Chronicles Volume 7, from NBN. It also includes Jim Steranko's autograph as well.

I've enjoyed many of the comic books in paperback. They have been a favorite of mine for a long time, covering sword and sorcery, science fiction & superhero genres.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Portion of the cover used in a foreign edition of Vamirella.
Frank Frazetta's painting for the cover!

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