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"You say I am master now? Then I make a new law. A law of love. A law which does not ask me to kill you, who taught me to hunt and fish." Anthro.

Some of my most fun during the Silver Age of comics was DC Comics Anthro! Introduced between the Creeper & Hawk and the Dove, Howie Post's Anthro provided a relief from the normal super hero comic books. It was fun. Anthro was created by writer & artist Howie Post.

Anthro, the first Cro-Magnon boy, is developing into a man. He spies on a lovely young woman from another tribe while she is swimming, but his father, chief of the Bear Tribe, Ne-ahn warns him to be careful of the other tribes in the area. And women are the deadliest beasts of them all. The two of them go out for hunting, preparing food for their family in the long winter ahead of them.

In the middle of a Mammoth hunt, Ne-ahn is wounded and Anthro’s spear is destroyed. He grabs his father’s spear and slays the beast, but in doing so invokes an ancient custom whereby he has challenged his father for leadership. This cannot be taken back, and the two of them must fight to the death to see who will lead their tribe. Anthro is reluctant to harm his father, and dodges his blows… eventually Ne-ahn tires himself out and is unable to fight further. Having won the competition, he makes a new law revoking the old one so he is not required to murder the man who raised him in cold blood. They have all learned a powerful lesson, and are able to peacefully return to their lives.

Showcase #74   Could It Be You?
"It Could Be You"
Continued in Anthro #1.
"The World of Anthro"
A satirical bio of Howie (Hot Stuff) Post and how he started Anthro.

Anthro #1   The Battle of the Sexes!
"Battle of the Sexes"
Lart is crippled. Anthro meets Embra.
After a particularly long and cold winter, Anthro and his family move farther south to be better prepared for the next year. Embra gives Anthro her horse to help them along the journey.
Text article with humorous quips about the prehistoric world of Anthro

Anthro #2   Apes or Men?
"Apes or Men"
Narrowly escaping from a marriage to Chief Tugg's older daughter Ita (instead of younger daughter Embra, whom he really wants), Anthro returns home where he finds his family in need of food. Lart leaves the family because of his injured leg, so that he won't be a burden to them. Anthro goes out to find his brother, and when they return, they drive off a gang of apes who are attacking the family cave.

Anthro #3   What Evil Lurks Outside?
"Journey to the Island of Green"
After a particularly long and cold winter, Anthro and his family move farther south to be better prepared for the next year. Embra gives Anthro her horse to help them along the journey.

Anthro #4
"The Prophecy"
Anthro's family arrives in the City of Flame, where the people recognize Lart as the fulfillment of a prophecy. The boy is crowned king, and the deposed queen tries to manipulate Anthro in order to influence his brother.

Anthro #5   River of No Return!
"The River of No Return"
After escaping from the City of Flame, Anthro is separated from his family and lost when their raft overturns. He finds a tribe of Bear People which turns out to be the tribe of his father, who was cast out many years ago.

Anthro #6   The Marriage of Anthro!
"The Marriage of Anthro"
Anthro rescues Embra and her father and brings them back to his village, where Ita takes a suitor, leaving Anthro and Embra free to marry. However, as the ceremony begins, Nima steps forward to make a challenge, forcing Embra to fight her. When their battle ends in a draw, by the law of the tribe Anthro must marry both girls.
Howie Post pencils inked with Wally (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Wood with an assist by Ralph (Son of Sherlock Holmes, H.A.R.D. Corps) Reese.  

This is the kind of fare that drew me to Showcase, the variety of interesting characters. Anthro, B'wana Beast, Nightmaster, Inferior Five, Bat Lash and Dolphin just to name a few.  

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Always loved the ads, especially with the covers!

"A" is for Anthro!


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