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Dell Comics published a comic book simply entitled Superheroes. I've not seen writing credit for the comic, but all four issues were illustrated by Sal (Burke's Law) Trapani (although Bill Fraccio may have penciled the series.) 

Polymer Polly!
Four youths, Dan, Polly, Tom and Reb, are visiting the Dell Hall of Heroes, a tourist attraction full of waxworks of famous superheroes (including Dell's Nukla & Toka.) They wander into the "Future Room" which contains "the very latest models of superheroes", a group of four experimental androids, El, Polymer Polly, Hy and Crispy and are looking at them just as there is an electrical explosion in the adjacent building.


The explosion has been caused by discredited robotocist Dr.Luuki, one of the men who originally worked on the aforementioned androids, and who has been trying to awaken his greatest creation, Enndo-Man. A mix-up between positive and negative terminals caused the resultant power surge, which has two unforeseen consequences. Firstly, Enndo-Man not only comes to life, but also goes berserk. And secondly, the four youths discover that their minds have been transferred to the bodies of the androids. Luckily the youths figure out that they can switch back at will, just before Enndo-Man smashes through the adjoining wall.  Working as a team, the youths, in their new android forms, eventually defeat this menace and bring Dr.Luuki to justice.


More commonly know as the Fab Four in the comic book, the group consisted of El (laser, infrared, x-ray) aka Dan Boyd, Polymer Polly (speed & heat resistance) aka Polly Wheeler, Hy (hypersonics) aka Tom Dennis and Crispy (cryogenics) aka Reb Ogelvie.

I still love the cover of their first issue!

Superheroes #1   Where Did They Get Their Amazing Powers?

"The Origin Of The Fab Four"
Following an accident caused by the evil Dr. Luuki, four teens find they can transfer their minds into the bodies of four superhero androids named the Fab Four: El, Polymer Polly, Hy, and Crispy. The heroes battle Dr. Luuki's robot, Enndo-Man.
The origin is told in three parts. 
"The Nuclear Power Pirate"
The heroes battle and appear to defeat Enndo-Man. Dr. Luuki finds and repairs his robot.
"A Monster With A Heart"
The heroes defeat the rampaging Enndo-Man. 

Granted, this was light hearted fare, I enjoyed it. The Silver Age was a magical time in my wonder years.  See you tomorrow for part 2.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Toka #1 with interior art by Frank (Nick Fury, Secret Six) Springer!
Nukla showcased art by Sal Trapani, Dick Giordano & Steve Ditko!


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