Friday, September 18, 2015


Dell Comics published a comic book series simply titled Superheroes. Sal (Nukla, Get Smart) Trapani handled the artistic chores (although Bill (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf) Fraccio may have penciled the series.)

Four youths, Dan, Polly, Tom and Reb, are visiting the Dell Hall of Heroes, a tourist attraction full of waxworks of famous superheroes. They wander into the "Future Room" which contains "the very latest models of superheroes", a group of four experimental androids, El, Polymer Polly, Hy and Crispy, and are looking at them just as there is an electrical explosion in the adjacent building. 

To me, the eyeball was surreal, like something out of Steve Ditko.

Superheroes #2   America's Greatest Super Heroes Battle The Clown...Mr. Nutt..and Johnny Boom Boom!
"The Clowns"
The Fab Four battle the Clown and his clown gang.
"Nutt's Revenge"
Our heroes battle the crazed Ebenezer Nutt.
The Superheroes battle two escaped criminals, Johnny Boom-Bomb and Genius.
I've come across information that Bill (Zorro, Rip Hunter) Ely may have penciled the stories in this issue.  

Here again, the Silver Age was magical for me. It wasn't realism, I liked the fun and light hearted adventure. I loved the variety of superheroes from Dell, Gold Key, Tower, Archie and others dabbling in that era. They showed that Marvel and DC weren't the only game in town.  

Dracula lasted the longest of the Dell superhero comics. Although there were reprints.
Frankenstein even made a cameo in Dracula #4!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
There must have been some licensing issues for Dell not to superhero The Wolf Man, could have been cool!
Werewolf was my personal favorite in the Dell horror inspired superheroes. 


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