Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Dynamic Sal Trapani illustrated Dell Comics Superheroes, more commonly known as the Fab Four, (although Bill Fraccio may have penciled the series.) I've always enjoyed Trapani's work at Dell Comics on this and their Nukla series.

Four youths, Dan, Polly, Tom and Reb, are visiting the Dell Hall of Heroes, a tourist attraction full of waxworks of famous superheroes. They wander into the "Future Room" which contains "the very latest models of superheroes", a group of four experimental androids, El, Polymer Polly, Hy and Crispy, and are looking at them just as there is an electrical explosion in the adjacent building. 

Danny Boyd (El) can now transfer his mind at will to an android body with superhuman powers. He can fire laser beams out his eyes and can see in infra-red and x-ray. Polly Wheeler (Polymer Polly) can fly, and is both superhumanly fast, heat resistant and able to generate a superstrong polyfilament fibre to bind opponents. Tom Dennis (Hy) can produce devastating sonic waves. Reb Ogelvie (Crispy) is able to freeze things

Superheroes #3   The Fab Four Meet The Incredible Coal Man! 10,000 Degrees Of Hate Filled Heat. Can They Stop Him?
"Superheroes Meet Coalman"
The Fab Four meet the incredible Coal Man.
"The Mad Magician" 
The Superheroes match wits with Dr. Orb.
"Nepto of the Reef"
Our heroes fight Nepto of the Reef. 

Besides the superhero comics, Superheroes, Werewolf and the like, Dell Comics came out with some terrific TV and movie based comics, including great special features not unlike ones from Gold Key. The TV comics were published with original stories, based on the television series. The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie was adapted for Dell Comics, with art by Sam Glanzman. while the TV series adaptation  was published by Gold Key Comics with art by Mike (Man from U.N.C.L.E.) Sekowski, Alberto (Star Trek) Giolitti, George (Spyman) Tuska & Don (Steel) Heck.  
Fine Dell Movie Comics with incredible Jack Sparling art! Love the movie poster use!
Another awesome Dell Movie Classic with great art by Jack Sparling!
Magnificent Jack Sparling art on another terrific Dell Movie Comic!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!  

Inspired Dell TV Comic by Joe Gill & Jack Sparling! Great photo covers!
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea inspired Dell Comic book with fantastic art by Sam Glanzman!
Zorro was published by Gold Key and then Dell Comics, with photo covers & some great Alex Toth art!


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