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Millennium Publications brought out a Borderlands Book titled Asylum. Asylum was a dark, disturbing, gem of a horror comic with wonderful tales by some of comics’ brightest talents. The three issues showcased strikingly painted covers. They even reprinted simply marvelous stories I've enjoyed from earlier days, Red Circle Sorcery.

Awesome P. Craig Russell panel from Asylum #2.

Asylum spotlighted a lot of talented creators at work here, John Bolton, P. Craig Russell (which is how I discovered this gem), Steven Seagle, Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham & Pia Guerra. The reprints from Red Circle Sorcery showcased Al McWilliams, Marv Channing, Vicente Alcazar, Howard Chaykin & T. Casey Brennan & Carlos Pino. Good stuff! 

Asylum #1
Painted John Bolton cover.
"The Wishing Hour"
Written by Nick Vince with painted art by John (Marada) Bolton.
Reprinted from Strange Wink #2.
"The Latchkey Fiend"
Written & drawn by Matt (Transmetropolitan) Howarth
"One Evening on a Small Planet" 
Written by Ed Newsome with art by Al (Star Trek) McWilliams. 
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #10.
"The Conqueror Worm"
Written by Edgar Allan Poe with art by P. Craig (Killraven) Russell.    
"Blood Brothers"
Written by Steven (Primal Force) Seagle with art by Duncan (Anne Rice's the Witching Hour) Eagleson. 

Asylum #2
Painted Terry Pavlet cover. 
"Feeders & Eaters"
Written by Neil (Sandman) Gaiman with Mark (Miracleman)  Buckingham art.
Written by Edgar Allan Poe with art by P. Craig (Killraven) Russell.    
"Mass Grave"
Written by Eric Dinehart with Justin Norman art. 
"The Knife of Jack the Ripper"
Written by Marv Channing with Vicente Alcazar art. 
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #7.
"The Shopping Club"
Written by Faye Perozich with Schaal painted art.

Asylum #3
Painted Terry Pavlet cover.  
"Bullet High"
Written by Paul Davis with art by Don Hillsman.
"Jeremy Loader Never Could Pick Up After Himself"
Script & inks by David Lee Ingersoll with art by Pia J. Guerra  
"Dream Logic"
Written & drawn by Omaha Perez.
"Bobby Deavers, Two Weeks Before"
Script & inks by David Lee Ingersoll with art by Pia J. (Y, the Last Man) Guerra 
"Pirate Island"
Written by Marv Channing with art by Howard (Indiana Jones) Chaykin. 
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #10.
"Red Hock Horror"
Adapted, from an original story by H.P. Lovecraft, by Sean Shaw. 
"The Benefactor"
Written by T. Casey (Vampirella) Brennan with art by Vicente Alcazar & Carlos Pino (V. Hack.)
Reprinted from Red Circle Sorcery #7

Millennium released The Best of Asylum trade paperback, containing stories by John Bolton, Neil Gaiman, Faye Perozich & Mark Buckingham with a variation of the first and second issue covers. 

Too bad this only lasted for three issues. Millennium published more good comics, Wild, Wild West (terrific Adam Hughes cover), Doc Savage (brilliant Brian Stelfreeze cover), Man from U.N.C.L.E. (captivating Joe Phillips cover)  & Ann Rice's Witching Hour than I realized. An overlooked independent comic book. Check it out!

Panels from the Neil Gaiman story in Asylum #2.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Can't get much better than Gaiman & Buckingham together!

Terrific John Bolton cover!

Yes, I enjoyed the new movie tremendously! Recommended!

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