Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Gold Key Comics' The Microbots one-shot, with a great painted cover, was written by three of my favorite creators, Len (Star Trek) Wein with art by Jack (Neutro) Sparling & Jesse (Dr. Spektor) Santos.

Dr. Micron, scientist, creates a group of ‘helper robots’. A pollution driven apocalypse arrives and only Dr. Micron and his son Jeff survive using suspended animation chambers.

Revived by young boy named Vik, they learn they are in a distant future where mankind has reverted to a caveman society. During a battle with a mutated beast, Dr. Micron is killed. The boys band together and use the robots to gain the upper hand on the local cave folk and battle some renegade army tanks left over from an earlier era.

The Microbots #1  Doctor Micron's Fantastic Creatures Help Two Boys Face The Primitive World Of The Future!
"This is the Way the World Ends"
Dr. Micron and his son, Jeff, survive a world-wide disaster and must find their way through the new world with the aid of Vik.

Back Issue #76
"ONE-HIT WONDERS: Here Come the Microbots!"

This toy-inspired Gold Key comic predated the Micronauts by seven years.

A quirky comic book, to say the least, served to provide a toy tie-in. 

Certainly one of Len Wein's more obscure comic book, but fun, none the less.  

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

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