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Dell Comics' Four Color Comics #1213 adapted Jules Verne's Mysterious Island, from the 1961 movie

During the Civil War, three Union soldiers, Cyrus Harding, Gideon Spilitt and Neb Nugent, escape from a Confederate prison in a hot air balloon. They land on a volcanic island in the Pacific where they struggle against gigantic creatures while trying to devise a plan of escape.

Map of the infamous Mysterious Island!
One of Ray Harryhausen's best motion pictures!

Dell also published Jules Verne's Mysterious Isle #1 in 1963 as a more faithful adaptation of the book (so no giant animals). Not an adaptation of the 1961 Columbia Pictures movie. In this comic the editors changed Captain Nemo, to "Captain Norman" and the Nautilus submarine, to the "Atlantis",

Four Color Comics #1213  Stranded on a live volcano, castaways battle incredible creatures for survival!
"Mysterious Island"
Inside front cover; black and white. Introduction with five photos from the movie & typeset text. Most characters are not identifiable in the photos, which are mainly long shots.
"Mysterious Island"

Characters include Captain Nemo, from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Artwork provided by Tom (Land of the Giants) Gill and Herb (Hulk, Godzilla) Trimpe.  
"Balloons at War"
Inside back cover; black and white.
"Mysterious Island"
Back cover. Previews three photos from the movie in monochrome and black and white plus typeset text.

Jules Verne's Mysterious Island #1  Amazing Adventures of Five Men...Lost on a Doomed Volcanic Island!
Adaptation of the Jules Verne novel, written by prolific Paul S. Newman with all art by Jack (Neutro, Pirana) Sparling. Editors changed Captain Nemo, to "Captain Norman" and the Nautilus submarine, to the "Atlantis",
"An Unforgettable Day"
Inside front cover in black and white.
"The Mysterious Island"
Adapts, in part, Jules Verne's novel The Mysterious Island.
"Flights of Fancy"
Inside back cover in black and white.

Always like to throw this in, fun Avengers read by Otto Binder!
Marvel Classics Comics #11
"Jules Verne"
Dan Adkins illustraation
"Mysterious Island"
Adapted by Otto (The Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder with art by E.R. (The Shadow) Cruz. 
Reprints Mysterious Island from Pendulum Press.
"About the Author" 
A brief article about Jules Verne.
Another fine Gil (Undersea Agent, Green Lantern) Kane, with Al Milgrom, cover! 
Love the logos used in this series.

Lots of great adventure here. Highly Recommended reading.

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