Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Charlton Bullseye #4 introduced us to the Vanguards! Love that cover! This was all the brainchild of writer & accomplished artist Larry (All-Star Squadron) Houston.

The Vanguards, lead by Celestra with Cerebra and Corona, was a good mix of the sci-fi and superhero genres. It's a good, old fashioned comic book. The Vanguards defeat the enemy, the Overloards and, in the end, Celestra is crowned queen, not unlike the original Star Wars series. I liked it and would honestly recommend the Vanguards.
Look out! I hate it when this happens!
Charlton Bullseye #4  Introducing the Vanguards!
"The Vanguards"
Introducing the Vanguards: Celestra, Corona & Cerebra versus the Overlords: Nightmare, Arcturos & Killstar.
Second Vanguards story.  
Black Beauty from The Enforcers!

Unfortunately, this is the most I've seen of this comic.
Here's a panel from another Larry Houston creation, the Enforcers. A team of superheroes, originally assembled by the demon Helicon, to destroy Omegon, the lover of his beautiful daughter Marylyn. After Helicon is defeated, they remained together to battle against super-foes the police could not handle.

All-Star Squadron #27 pencils on pages 1-9 by Larry Houston.
Larry Houston penciled a story in DNAgents #16!

Larry Houson has gone on to a successful career in storyboarding for superhero cartoons such as Bucky O'Hare, G.I. Joe and the X-Men

Mini-comic illustrated by Larry Houston!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Original color guide for the Charlton Bullseye #4 cover by Larry Houston!

Another comic Larry Houston worked on!



  1. Wow. I just became aware of your blog today, Beach Bumble Comics. Thank you for the review. I'm glad you liked my efforts. I'd like to think this type of fun storytelling helped me become the Producer/Director of the original X-Men TV Series in the 90s. The Enforcers and The Vanguards concepts, I plan on reprinting them first and then do new stories with them, now that I've retired from Animation deadlines this year.

  2. Beach Bum Comics. Sorry about the typo.

  3. Beach Bum Comics. Sorry about the typo.