Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Charlton Bullseye #3 brought us the villainous Queen Shalastra. Ian Carr wrote & illustrated her story. He also provided the striking cover! So, without further ado, read on and enjoy...

Charlton Bullseye #3 
"Prophesy of Doom"
Introducing Queen Shalastra.  

The only other piece I've come across of his was Chapter 4 of Secret Origins #41 featuring Captain Cold & Heat Wave. Sidenote: I did like how the stars of Prison Break were brought back together to portray these villains in the CW television series The Flash. Good job!

Dragon Star #1, like this cover!
Carr was featured in a couple of Canadian comic book publications, Dragon Star & The True North. Unfortunately, I have not seen these comics in order to speak on them.  

Ian Carr was talented, there's some Gene Colan & Pablo Marcus influence here. It's good!

Another Ian Carr comic book, done in more of a cartoonish style.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Ian was featured in The True North, in good company with Dave Sim!

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