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Two issues after the Creeper, DC Comics didn't disappoint with publishing Steve Ditko's The Hawk and the Dove in Showcase #75 and then in their own comic book, unfortunately only lasting six issues. Written by co-creator Steve Steates with art by Steve Ditko, in the first two issues of the series. Gil Kane took care of the artistic duties for the remaining issues. 

Showcase #75  The Tough and the Tame! The Challenger and the Challenged! This is our Tale...A Tale of Two Brothers...The Hawk and the Dove!
At Elmond University, in a small college town, pro-war and peace demonstrators face off. Caught squarely in the middle are Don and Hank Hall, brothers, a "dove" and a "hawk". They argue about compromise, force, and rights as a riot breaks out and police rush in. Meanwhile, across town at the courthouse...
"Chapter 1: In The Beginning..."
In a small college town in Elmond County... In court, Judge Hall senteces Mr. Dargo, a racketeer, to jail. He vows "my boys" will get revenge. In chambers, Don and Hank argue about compromise vs. violence, but Judge Hall states they're both wrong (to be single-minded). A bomb bounces in and they dive. Judge Hall is hurt and hospitalized. The boys head back to school, but Hank sees, "That man..."
"Chapter II: A Voice...a Voice" 
Hank spots "The man who threw the bomb!" The boys follow into an abandoned building, but are trapped. Mobsters plan to assassinate Judge Hall. Don wishes for super-strength, or power... A "strange, disembodied" voice offers the bickering boys power. Hank gets an angry red-white hawk costume. Don gets a baby-blue dove outfit, and doesn't want it! "Whenever injustice strikes" they need only call the names "Hawk" and "Dove", but the powers will fade when not needed. Smashing free, they run, swim, and climb the hospital walls to save their dad.
"Chapter III: The Birds Fly"
Costumed, Hawk and Dove burst in on mobsters come to kill Judge Hall in the hospital. Hawk breaks heads, kicks, and tosses felons. Dove tries lectures and reason - and ducking - and pitches out a window to snag a flagpole. Dove returns just in time to deflect "Boss's" gun from killing Judge Hall. Judge Hall is grateful, but wants their names. "Just Call us The Hawk and the Dove!" Their costumes melt away. The judge tells reporters he cannot condone the heroes' actions, and they should turn themselves in! The boys exit, bickering.
"Court is in Session"
In a text article, Dick Giordano introduces himself, with The Hawk and the Dove and the political terms, citing Vietnam. He urges you "scribble a little something" to the publisher.

The Hawk and the Dove #1  He's Taking A Terrible Beating ...And I Can't Help Him! I Won't Fight...
"The Dove is a Very Gentle Bird" 
The Drop-Outs, a gang of thieves, run rampant in the college town of Elmond and Hawk and Dove are unable to capture them due to their constant bickering.

The Hawk and the Dove #2  Fight You Fool! Fight Back! There I No Other Way to Win! I Can Win--But I Won't Do It Your Way!
While on a family vacation, the Halls encounter a group of escaped convicts. Dove defeats the ringleader his own way, without resorting to extreme violence like his brother.

The Hawk and the Dove #3  No, No! Don't Shoot! You Fool! Stop the Cat...Not The Police!
"After the Cat"
The criminal Cat is shot and captured by the police when neither Hawk's nor Dove's methods succeed.
Inks by Sal Trapini.
Reprinted in Teen Titans #39.
"Twice Burned"
When Hank and Don learn that Linda's father was beaten up, they work separately to find out what happened.
Captain Action promo. 

The Hawk and the Dove #4  Okay Little Boy...Don't Help...Stand There Sniveling...But Stay Out Of My Way!
"The Sell-Out"
When an artist friend of Don's is murdered, Hawk and Dove embark on a case that turns out to involve art forgery and political corruption as well.
Sgt. Rock & Bat Lash promos.  

The Hawk and the Dove #5  You Shot The Hawk! You Think I'm A Coward...That I Won't Fight...Well, Buster, You're Going To Find Out How Wrong You Are..NOW!
"Walk With Me, O'Brother...Death Has Taken My Hand"  
Judge Hall believes an old friend of his has been framed for robbery and manslaughter. Hawk and Dove investigate but before the truth is revealed, Hawk is critically injured and Dove goes against his beliefs by violently beating the man responsible.
Inks by Wally Wood
"Wildcat Fact File"
Article about the Golden Age Wildcat. Includes one panel reprinted from an unidentified issue of Sensation Comics.  

The Hawk and the Dove #6  C'mon Boys! You Can Save Your Father...If You Can Reach Him!
"Judgement In a Small, Dark Place"
The judge is kidnapped by the son of a man he once sent to prison.
Inks by John Celardo
Superman promo.
"The Spectre Fact File"
Article about the Golden Age Spectre and the Silver Age revival. Includes one panel reprinted from the revival series.


DC Comics published The Steve Ditko Omnibus a few years back. Volume 2 included reprints of the Hawk and the Dove stories done by Ditko. Along with all the other gems in it, I highly recommend both volumes of the omnibus. They are dynamite!

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  1. I have every issue and whatever Showcase mag they were in. Good comics although Dove was incredibly annoying.

  2. By the way, all the silver age hawk & dove stories are collected in the new silver age teen titans omnibus. Excellent.

    1. Just noticed how Gil Kane simplified the gloves and boots on Hawk & Dove.