Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) is on it's way at the end of the month! I'm attending, after three years. Previously, I've attended many of our local comicons in the past, both big and small. Going with a couple of my nephews this year - it's their first time! Looking forward to having some company for a change.

"'Nuff Said!"

In the past, my priority has been comic book guests & exhibitors. ECCC has been a real boon to our area since its inception. It's a great comicon for Seattle, WA. We had a small comicon that was dying out, when ECCC began and each year they continue to get bigger and better.

IMPORTANT - When Attending Any Comicon: 

I plan & plan & plan when getting ready for the comicon. I recommend this highly. Be sure to cover the basics and not so basics. Camera, check. Water, check. Comfy shoes, check. Power bars, check. Download app, check. Ticket, check. Comic book bags & boards, check. Floor plan, check. Money, check.

Take time to relax, check!


John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlin) from Arrow is coming!

Agent ("His first name is Agent") Coulson will be here!

Celebrity Guests galore! Not sure about getting to any of these guests. Stan Lee's here again after a few years. Got his autograph then, on the first comic book I ever bought, Amazing Spider-Man #38 (the last Steve Ditko.) Anthony Daniels, Haley Atwell, Chloe Bennett, Clark Gregg, John Barrowman, Brandon Routh, John Wesley Shipp, Steven Yuen & Scott Wilson are some of the attendees that interest me. 

Comic Book Guests abound! Neal (Batman, X-Men) Adams, Mike (Green Arrow, Sable) Grell, David (Kabuki) Mack, Tim Sale, Steve (Death of Wolverine) McNiven, Kevin Maguire, Dan (Booster Gold) Jurgens, Ben Templesmith, Adi (Princess Leia) Granov & J. Scott (Spider-Gwen, Danger Girl) Campbell.

ECCC variant comics! Spider-Gwen #2 & Princess Leia #1. I think I'll be looking to buy each of them, in color and black & white. 

Story the 1st Hellboy movie is based on!

Exhibitors come from across the United States! Dark Horse Comics (Conan & Hellboy), Image (Walking Dead) Comics, Aspen (Fathom) Comics, Graham Cracker Comics out of Illinois, Stuart Ng from California & TFAW (Things From Another World) out of Oregon. I'm also anxious to see our Washington State retailers as well.

I'll be posting my experiences soon after Friday the 24th, which is the first day of the comicon, probably the following Monday or Tuesday.

1st David Mack art! And she's back in all her glory!

Story Iron Man 3 is based on! Adi Granov art!
Kevin Maguire in all his glory!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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