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Charlton Comics' Career Girl Romances have us a lesser known secret agent named Tiffany Sinn. Gary (The Sentinels) Friedrich created and wrote her three romantic adventures. Ironically, Dick (Nukla)  Giordano graced the covers of all three comic books. 

"My name is Tiffany Sinn. I'm 26 years old, an orphan and one of the best private detective in the business. My parents were executed by the Communists in East Berlin in 1954. Ever since that time, I had been determined to make a career of spying and an attempt I suppose, to gain revenge for the death of my father and mother! However, as a private eye, I didn't get much chance to fulfill my quest of vengeance, nor did I have an opportunity to find love and romance! Little did I know that a routine office visit from two thugs would bring me the opportunity to gain all three as the C.I.A. sent me...To Save An Agent!"       

Career Girl Romances #38
"To Save an Agent"
Introduces Tiffany Sinn. 
Artwork by Charles (Charlton Premiere) Nicholas.

Tiffany Sinn earns a spot on the cover!

Career Girl Romances #39 
"St. Louis Stakeout"
Tiffany Sinn, the C.I.A. Sweetheart! 
Luis (Cheyenne Kid) Dominguez provided artwork. 


Secret Agent #10
"Espionage: Beach Style"
Final Tiffany Sinn story.
Written by David A. (Nightshade) Kaler with artwork by Jim Aparo.
A favorite Dick (Sarge Steel) Giordano cover of mine.

The conclusion of "To Save an Agent"

This was lighthearted fare, but entertaining. I discovered these comics recently, and am glad I did, especially for the Jim Aparo art! His work for Charlton (Nightshade, Thane, Prankster) was some of my favorite of his.

The conclusion of "St. Louis Stakeout"

Man from U.N.C.L.E. ad from Career Girl Romances #39!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Conclusion of "Espionage: Beach Style"

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