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"Every government has its secret service branch. America it's CIA; France Deuxieme Bureau; England MI5. NATO also has it's own. A messy job? Well that's when they call on me. Or someone like me. Oh yes by the way, my name is Drake, John Drake."  

Secret Agent John Drake, Danger Man, was featured in Dell Comic's Four Color Comics #1231. The comic book was illustrated by Tony (Werewolf) Tallarico. The painted cover featured a photo inset of Patrick McGoohan, star of the television series.

Patrick McGoohan as a secret agent in Ice Station Zebra!

John Drake was the debonair and duty-bound secret agent played by Patrick McGoohan in the British television series Danger Man, known in the U.S. as Secret Agent. Unlike James Bond, he never carried a gun, rarely used far-fetched gadgets, never got the girl, and rarely killed anyone on screen. 

Good story, had some good likenesses in Danger Man comic book!
Interestingly enough, another great television series of McGoohan's, The Prisoner, had an episode ("The Girl Who Was Death") based on a script originally written for Danger Man. There is always debate whether John Drake was Number Six in The Prisoner. McGoohan always denied it, but George Markstein said otherwise.

Four Color Comics #1231   A killer stalks the midway. The assignment of "danger man" is to stop him. The chase is on, as the hunter becomes the hunted.
"Danger Man"
"Murder on the Midway"
John Drake goes undercover as part of a riding act to prevent the murder of a Prime Minister, who is attending a circus with his young son.
Story just has "Danger Man". The title comes from the introduction on the inside front cover. There is a two-page splash panel across the centerfold and two full page panels near the end of the story. 
John Drake cameo.
On the back cover, illustration of the national flags of the 15 nations that make up NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization.) 

Later, Gold Key Comics would come out with two issues of Secret Agent. Worth looking into. 

Also worth looking into are the series of Danger Man/Secret Agent paperbacks, both here and abroad.

Two great features from the Gold Key Secret Agent comic book!
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