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It was dynamite, Red Circle's The Fly first appeared with the first two issue's covers by - Jim (Nick Fury) Steranko. On top of that, notable artists included Steve (Blue Beetle) Ditko, Dick (Sgt Fury) Ayers, Rudy (Conan) Nebres, Bill (Spyman) Draut, Rich (Deathlok) Buckler and Chic (Thor) Stone. The Fly was originally created by legendary Joe Simon and Jack "King" Kirby.

Fantastic! Loving in!

Young Tommy Troy sneaked into attic of his employer, Mr. March, who was rumored to be a sorcerer. Stumbling upon an unusual ring, Tommy placed it on his finger and suddenly found himself face to face with Turan, emissary of the Fly People. 

Turan designated Tommy to be their champion, enabling him to wield all the powers of the lost fly race. By rubbing his magic ring, he was transformed into the mighty Fly.

The Fly can create wings that give him the power of flight, he can crawl up walls, he has super strength and sight. The Fly can communicate with insects and generate wind currents by beating his wings. The Fly has a ring that can transform Tom Troy into the Fly by rubbing the ring and saying "I wish I were The Fly". The Fly also caries a "buzz" gun.
Original Joe Simon sketch of Fly Man aka The Fly!

The Fly #1
"The Return of the Sinister Spider"
After years of retirement, the magic finally returns to Thomas' ring and he assumes the identity of the Fly again. Kim, though is reluctant to take on her powers again. Fly tracks the Spider down, but he is shot by the Spider.
Fly (Thomas Troy) and Fly-Girl are revealed as having been out of action for years. Their powers are reactivated in this issue. With Fly-Girl, as in most strips. The Fly is intended to be a creature of the night in this series.
Jim Steranko cover. 
"Who is the Man with the Double Life?"
A brief recap of Lancelot Strong's origin and powers. Recaps adventures of the first two books of "Double Life of Private Strong". Art is very Kirby-esque and is probably light-boxed.
According to the Red Circle News in The Mighty Crusaders #1, this issue was supposed to feature the Trial of the Shield story that was later featured in The Mighty Crusaders #9.
"...And The God That Fell To Earth"
Mr. Justice investigates the death of a suicide jumper, who praises Reverend Prescott and life everlasting in his final breath.
Advertisement for a possibly unpublished Galaxia Magazine #2.

The Fly #2
"I Killed the Fly"
Spider Spry fatally shoots the Fly. Turan changes the Fly back into Thomas Troy and heals the Fly's body during the change. Turan heals the Fly’s near-fatal injury at the Spider’s hands.
Jim Steranko cover.  
"A Woman's Place"
Thomas Troy is mugged by a masked thief named Diamond Jack. He tracks the thief as the Fly but must stop a witch and her mystical parrot from killing the thief.
Ol' Abbey is possibly Abigail March, Thomas's adoptive mother from the original series. Clues pointing toward this fact is her name, her being a witch, and The Fly stating that she talked as if they had met before.
A vignette featuring various "Hangmen".
Back cover illustration of the Fly by Rudy Nebres.

The Fly #3
"Who is the Monster?"
Kim Brand is working on a movie about Pascal, an old foe of the Fly's. But the movie is being sabotaged by someone. In addition, a wife of one of the stuntmen on the set is being abused by her husband.
Rudy Nebres cover.
"Jane of the Jungle"
Jim takes the precaution of taking a ladder with him when he walks at night in case he falls in a lion trap.
"Faithfully Yours"
Kim Brand is hunted by a jealous stalker after he sees Kim dating Thomas.
"The Fly"
A feature on the Fly's buzz-gun.
Back cover illustration of the Fly by Rudy Nebres.

The Fly #4
"The Fly"
An article on the Fly, on the inside front cover.
"Deja Vu"
Both the Fly and Mighty Man share memories of an adventure that never happened.
Steve Ditko & Rudy Nebres cover. 
"Jane of the Jungle"
Jane travels through dangerous areas of the jungle in order to mail some postcards.
Jaguar regains his powers after a hiatus of some years. 
Continued in succeeding issues.
Back cover features an unused cover from the Adventures of the Jaguar book.

The Fly #5
"The Fly"
As two crooked scientists try to claim the invention, moneys and recognition of a third scientist, they leave a trail of death behind them. When Tom Troy starts investigating too closely, they frame him for jury tampering.
Steve Ditko & Rudy Nebres cover.

"Jane of the Jungle" 
Jim sets up camp away from the African heat -- but ends up on an active volcano.
"The Jaguar"
Still getting used to his powers return, Ralph and John help investigate a museum's theft. Catherine then informs Ralph of a cult that use animal sacrifices, and that only he can stop the cult.

The Fly #6
"Adventures of the Crooked Man"
Thomas Troy is contacted by an former client to discover the secrets of the Crooked House and a spirit that haunts it named "the Crooked Man."
Steve Ditko & Rudy Nebres cover.
"The Jaguar"
The Jaguar saves a puppy from drowning in a well, and Catherine is kidnapped by cultists.
Part three of the serial.

The Fly #7
The Fly takes on a crook with an stolen experimental suit that gives him great strength and speed.
Steve Ditko & Rudy Nebres cover. 
The Jaguar and John fly to the museum. Jaguar uses a mirror as a scrying glass to find Catherine. He then uses the mirror to travel to rescue her from the cultists.
"Jane of the Jungle"
The museum sends its head librarian -- who is unusually brave -- to visit Jane.
Dynamic Steve Ditko cover! A favorite of mine!
The Fly #8
"The Big Freeze"
The ghost of an old gang boss hunts down his two old "partners" looking for his share of the business. The only one capable of stopping him is the Fly.
Terrific Steve Ditko cover!
"Time Twist"
In order to escape rioting peasants, a vampire and his scientist travel 500 years into the future in a time machine. 
"Jane of the Jungle"
Jim and Jane travel to find a great guru.
"The Conclusion"
The Jaguar heals from his wounds and accepts his destiny while being stalked by the only surviving cult member. 

Great Dick Ayers cover!

The Fly #9    
"To Kill A Fly"
The Fly and the Shield capture the man who successfully framed Thomas Troy.
"The Jaguar"
John tells Catherine one of the Jaguar's adventures involving Cat Girl.
Dick Ayers cover.
The working title of this story was "The Jaguar in Egypt."
Steve Ditko should also be credited, along with Dick Ayers, as one of the pencilers of this story: Robin Snyder had inherited this Dick Ayers penciled story when he first started to work for Archie on their Red Circle line.
Charles asked to see the written plot/script for the story but he believes that neither Robin nor Rich Buckler knew who had originated this Biblical-based adventure and could not find anything in writing that pertained to the story. As the style of the piece didn't fit what they had in mind for the Jaguar relaunch, its use was postponed until the initial continued storyline was completed.
When Robin sent Charles the pencils after he had completed his script for Steve's debut on the strip in issue #8, he did his best to adapt the extant work to their new version of the world of the Jaguar. He did this by turning the story into an "untold tall tale." As such, his new script contained extensive art and storytelling revisions. Steve made, therefore, many penciling changes on the first 9 pages, as well as totally replacing Ayers original finale that was page 10. Steve then, as indicated, inked the whole job.

The Fly & Fly Girl also appeared in Red Circle's The Mighty Crusaders There was also a recap of the Fly's origin in that first issue.

Red Circle also published a great The Adventures of The Fly trade paperback a few years ago. I still come across it in shops from time to time. Terrific reprints.


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  1. Loved those '80s Archie super hero comics. Wish they had stuck around longer and Archie's powers that be would have offered better rates to retain talent such as Infantino on The Comet.