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Red Circle Comic's The Black Hood sported fantastic Alex (Space Ghost) Toth covers, the third issue being a wraparound cover. The three issue series was written by Cary Burkett, Gary Cohn & Steve Ringgenberg with great artwork by Gray (Space: 1999) Morrow, Pat (Peacemaker) Boyette & Alex (Zorro) Toth. 

The Black Hood #1 
"The Mask and the Man"
The Black Hood is recruited by the CIA to stop an international criminal from selling classified defense documents to the highest bidder.
According to an interview with writer Cary Burkett, this story was not planned for the first issue. It was to follow "Candle in the Wind", which was published in the next issue. Original art shows that a reference to the originally planned issue #1 in the Carolyn Farrell flashback scene was taped over by a version without the reference.
"Get On The Stick, Kramer"
An ex-marine faces his harshest drill sergeant in civilian life.
Doug (Rio) Wildey drew the Marine is the likeness of actor Frank Sutton, who played Sgt. Carter in the Gomer Pyle television series.
"Crime Hits a Sour Note"
The Black Hood foils a gang who's kidnapped an entire orchestra.
Reprint from Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2.
Per Robin Snyder he rewrote Marv Channing's story. This story was originally intended for a new Black Hood title planned in the mid-70s. Art by Al (Star Trek) McWilliams. 
"Secrets of the Dark Avenger"
A one-page featurette on the weapons produced by Damian, the Black Hood's weaponer. 
Back cover illustration of Black Hood by Gray (Space: 1999) Morrow.  

The Black Hood #2
"The Dark Destroyer"
Kip rides into a small town being terrorized by a monstrous bully named Jakey, who has superhuman strength and is a mechanical genius.
"Candle in the Wind"
Kip remembers how he met and fell in love with Carolyn, the only witness to a mob hit. Carolyn is the star witness at Geovelli's trial, and requires a 24 hour bodyguard -- namely Kip. When the jury becomes deadlocked, Geovelli -- who is free on bail -- runs down Carolyn. Then the Black Hood seeks a terrible vengeance on the mobster.
"The Fox"
Cosmo runs into Paul in Tangiers while running from someone trying to kill him.
This series takes place in 1948-49. Introduces Cosmo Gilly, a pug fighter and the Fox's sidekick.
Back cover illustration of Black Hood by Alex Toth. 

The Black Hood #3 
"The Skywind Massacre"
While dining in a restaurant, Kip Burland overhears a plot to steal an experimental American airship by a Russian military group and decides to take action.
Originally planned for Issue #2, according to the letters page in Issue #1.
According to one letter response, the next issue was to have revealed the fate of the original 1940's Black Hood. The story was to be themed around moral values, social changes, and the moral decay of a nation. It is possible that a portion, or all of this story appeared in Blue Ribbon Comics #11.
"The Fox"
While traveling through Eden, Texas, Paul Patton saves an elderly inventor who is the target for murder.

Page from Black Hood comics!
Throwback variant cover for The Fox #5!
Archie Comic's 2013 series, The Fox #5, reprinted a splash page from Black Hood #2's Fox story as a variant throwback cover.  

New Crusaders: Legacy trade paperback reprinted Black Hood #2.  Great collections of reprints with art by Steve Ditko, Carmine Infantino, Alex Toth, Gray Morrow & Dick Ayers.

Cover for Black Hood #1!
Love the David Mack cover for issue #3!
David Mack cover for issue #4!
Archie plans on getting back into the superhero genre, with Dark Circle Comics. Black Hood, The Fox and The Shield (a female this time) are first up. The previews do look promising.

I enjoyed the Archie Comic's superheroes and hope the relaunch as Dark Circle Comics goes well. I like the looks of the talent, with a great track record, associated with bringing back the Black Hood, Fox and Shield.

Live Large My Friends!
Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos tackle noir in The Black Hood;

Read More: Dark Circle Announces The Fox, The Shield, And The Black Hood |
Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos tackle noir in The Black Hood;

Read More: Dark Circle Announces The Fox, The Shield, And The Black Hood |
Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos tackle noir in The Black Hood;

Read More: Dark Circle Announces The Fox, The Shield, And The Black Hood |
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Back Hood by Alex Toth!

Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!

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