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Red Circle's The Mighty Crusaders. Brought together, Black Hood, Jaguar, the Web, the Fly, Fly Girl, the Comet, The Shield [Joe Higgins], the Shield [Lancelot Strong], the superheroes of the Red Circle line. Mainly drawn by Rich Buckler. The series ran 13 issues.

My emphasis is on the first three issues, my favorites in the series. I'm a big Rich Buckler fan way before he did Deathlok, the fantastic Marvel Comic's series. Star Hunters, Demon Hunter, Captain Comet, Bloodwing, Sojourner & Bloodstone, to name a few! Check them out! Fun stuff!

The Mighty Crusaders #1
As the Brain Emperor begins a plan to eliminate Earth's heroes, the 2nd Shield, the Fly, Fly Girl and Jaguar cross paths, thanks to General Ranse Smith. The original Shield stops a jewel heist, and the Black Hood rides his bike to a spot designated by the Comet.
"Chapter One-Atlantis Rising"
The heroes gather together for the first time. Fly, Fly Girl, Jaguar, and the 2nd Shield travel to help the Web against Eterno's marauding giants, while the Comet, the 1st Shield and the Black Hood investigate some strange atmospheric transmissions. 
Included one half & one page origins & recaps of the various superheroes. 
The Mighty Crusaders in Action on the back cover, in various comic book panels.

Nice wraparound cover! See pencils of this cover later in the post!

The Mighty Crusaders #2
Cover by Rich Buckler & Frank Giacoia
Interior art by Rich Buckler, Frank Giacoia, Jim Sherman, Sam de la Rosa & Willy Blyberg
"Atlantis Rising Chapter Two The Genesis Conspiracy"
As the Web, Jaguar, the Fly, Fly Girl, and the Shield defeat Eterno's gigantic androids, the Black Hood, the original Shield and the Comet take the battle to the Brain Emperor's satellite.
"Atlantis Rising Chapter Three No More Heroes!"
The Mighty Crusaders are attacked and defeated by the Malevolent Legion of Juggernauts.
"Warriors of Omri!"
Captain Cosmos sends Mister Midnight (not a member of the Mighty Crusaders) to the 20th Century with the Translocator. When he arrives in the 20th Century, he is attacked by the Warriors of Omri.
Created by Willie Blyberg.

The Mighty Crusaders #3
A great cover by Rick Buckler
Front cover is from Darkling's point-of-view. The back cover is the same scene from Hangman's point-of-view.
Interior art by Rick Buckler, Ricardo Villagran, Dick Ayers, Tony DeZuniga.
"Atlantis Rising Final Chapter The Darkling Ingredient"
As Eterno's androids take the defeated Crusaders to Atlantis, the Shield, the Web, and the Black Hood regroup to save their fellow Crusaders with some unexpected help: the Comet, now sporting his original outfit and powers, and Darkling, a mysterious woman with the ability to teleport. Together they save their other members, then defeat Eterno. Darkling joins the Crusaders just as the Comet quits for personal reasons.
Introduction and first appearance of Darkling, who joins the Mighty Crusaders. This is a character who was and is still owned by Rich Buckler.
"Chapter One American Shield"
Joe Higgins (The Shield) and Don Phelps stop Boroff - an old Russian spy-- from getting a secret map for a mysterious organization called Delta 3.
"The Darkling Ingredient"
Illustration by Rich Buckler & Rudy Nebres.
Front cover done from Hangman's point of view.

The Mighty Crusaders #4
Cover by Rich Buckler
Interior art by Rick Buckler, Carl Taylor, Sam de la Rosa, Adrian Gonzales, Demian Parmeggiani, Dick Ayers, Tony DeZuniga & a Rudy Nebres illustration on the back cover. 

The Mighty Crusaders #5
Cover by Rich Buckler & Tony DeZuniga 
Interior art by Geoff Isherwood, Adrian Gonzales, Rich Buckler, Tony DeZuniga & a Rudy Nebres illustration on the back cover.

The Mighty Crusaders #6
Cover by Rick Buckler & Ricardo Villagran

Interior art by Dick Ayers, Tony DeZuniga

The Mighty Crusaders #7
A good cover by Rick Buckler & Ricardo Villagran.
Interior art by Rich Buckler & Tony DeZuniga

The Mighty Crusaders #8
Cover by Rick Buckler
Interior art by Adrian Gonzales, Rich Buckler, Ricardo Villagran & Dick Ayers.

The Mighty Crusaders #9
Nice cover by Rich Buckler & Chic Stone
Interior art by Dick Ayers, Rich Buckler, Tony DeZuniga & Doug Wildey (solo story.)

The Mighty Crusaders #10
Cover by Rich Buckler & Chic Stone
Interior art by Dick Ayers, Rich Bucker, Vince Colletta & Rick Veitch (solo story.)

The Mighty Crusaders #11
Cover by Dick Ayers & Frank Giacoia
Interior art by Alan Kupperberg & Frank Giacoia

The Comet had his own 2 issue series with Alex Nino art!
The Mighty Crusaders #12
Cover & interior art by Dick Ayers
Addition interior art by Chic Stone, Mike Esposito, Alan Kupperberg & Frank Giacoia.

The Mighty Crusaders #13
Cover & interior art by Dick Ayers & Mike Esposito

The Mighty Crusaders, Origin of a Super Team
Trade paperback collecting Fly-Man #31, Fly-Man #32, Fly-Man #33 & Mighty Crusaders #1 from the sixties. Wonderful collection to take you back!

There are some wonderful reprints in this volume as well!
The Mighty Crusaders have been revived several times over the years, with different members composing the group. They have also been published under license by DC Comics as well as the Impact Comics imprint of DC Comics, but none as successful as the original Archie & Red Circle imprints

Original The Mighty Crusaders #1 from the sixties by Paul Reinman!

Rich Buckler designed the Red Circle logo!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Knock it out of the park collaboration!



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  1. Big fan of the Archie super heroes. Have almost all of these '80s issues. The Impact series were pretty cool from what I've seen.