Wednesday, February 4, 2015


"I'm Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn't very nice!"

Incredible Hulk #181 1st Appearance of Wolverine!

The infamous "Slur" issue!
Marvel Comic's Wolverine 4 issue mini-series is one of the best comic books. Written by Chris (X-Men) Claremont with art by Frank (Daredevil, Sin City) Miller & Joe Rubenstein. The Wolverine movie was adapted from this comic book series. Gotta love Hugh Jackman as Logan!

Loved these teaser posters for the movie!
This is one of the most essential Wolverine comic book series to read. Of that, there is no question. 

Wolverine #1
"I'm Wolverine"
Wolverine arrives in Japan to confront Mariko about her marriage to another man and ends up dueling her father. He loses to Lord Shingen. Badly.

 Wolverine #2
"Debts and Obligations"
Yukio works for Lord Shingen; Wolverine saves Mariko from a cast of deadly Kabuki players. Mariko is horrified when she sees Wolverine in his berzerker state.
Wolverine #3 Nice, moody cover!
Wolverine #3
Yukio kills Asano, forcing Wolverine to realize her treachery and he chases her down. The Hand interfere.

Wolverine #4
Wolverine has a final showdown with Lord Shingen; Mariko and Wolverine are to marry.
The Wolverine mini-series continues to be reprinted in both trade paperback and hardback.    

This was by far, one of my favorite Wolverine stories. How dies that first cover not grab you? Gone crazy with collecting it in comic book, trade paperback, hardcover & digital formats!

Wolverines playing poker!
Geof Darrow's Wolverine vs. The Hand!
Love J. Scott Campbell's Wolverine, and friend!


Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Wolverine by Howard Chaykin!
Wolverine by Stephen Platt!
Steve McNiven's cover art for Death of Wolverine #1!

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